A question some people might have is whether investing in custom fire boots is better than just merely replacing them once a year or so. It's not an invalid question; after all, some people get a new car every five years or so and some people keep the same car on the road for decades. Is it SO important that you drive the same Chevrolet for the next few decades? No Camry, after all, has ever been collectible…

Unless you happen to value the exact car you drive because of a relationship you develop with it, and that idea relates to why investing in a quality pair of firefighter boots is worth considering. 

Firefighter Boots Are Gear Like Everything Else

The truth as that firefighter boots are tools for a trade, which happens to be wildland firefighting. Other items like a helmet, axes and fireproof clothing are as well; you're required to have personal protective equipment (PPE) by not only the nature of the job but also NFPA rules for doing that job. 

Do you think a chef uses just one knife his or her whole career or just one fry pan? No. Does a racing driver only drive in one car their whole career? It wasn't uncommon for an engine to only last one race until recent years. Does a mechanic only ever use one set of wrenches? Of course not! 

It's true that fire boots are tools of the trade. The question is do you invest in tools that you can use for a long time, and can be kept in good working order for extended periods? Or do you simply replace it as needed? After all, not all fire boots are necessarily terribly expensive. 

Or are they? 

Rate Of Replacement Could Make Custom Firefighter Boots The Better Deal

From a financial perspective, the rate of replacement is what makes or breaks this approach to buying firefighter boots. Nevermind the fit, your comfort (or safety, for that matter) but let's just concentrate on dollars and sense. 

So, let's presume you can find a pair of wildland firefighter boots for $150. Let's assume also that you live in an area that doesn't have heavy wildfire activity; you only go out for a week or two per year. You might be able to get away with only getting a new pair of boots every few years. 

But what if that's not what happens? What if you're spending a few months in the field every year? How often are you going to need new boots then? 

We've been building handmade fire boots for years. Wildland firefighters are literally the foundation upon which our business is built, along with some of the toughest general work boots money can buy. 

We're located in Spokane Valley in Washington state. Fire season here has gone from being just a few bad weeks in August most years to lasting from April to October. A lot of our customers are in California, where fire season is almost year 'round. 

What our customers who are in the field for months at a time tend to report is that their boots need rebuilding generally after one heavy season...and we're known for making some of the toughest boots money can buy. 

So if firefighting is something you occasionally volunteer for? You could get away with just buying a cheap replacement. For the people who are on the fire line for weeks at a time...spending a few dollars isn't what concerns them. What concerns them is having a pair of boots that are made to withstand the rigors of wildland firefighting, and that's exactly what Nick's Boots specializes in. 

Custom Fire Boots That Work As Hard As You Do

While we do offer dress boots (some of the best!) our specialty is custom fire boots and work boots. Nick's has built a reputation for making fire boots that keep your feet safe, that keep firefighters from suffering injuries, falls in dangerous places and from having to abandon their duty to go get new footwear. 

The reason our customers keep coming back to us year over year is that we first build our boots strong, so they can work as hard as you do. We also make them custom to order, so that they fit you properly. This ensures you can be on your feet all day without issue and without fear of knee, ankle, hip or lower back pain or injury due to a bad fit. 

We also re-sole and rebuild our boots as requested. This way, the boot becomes almost an extension of your foot and can stay that way for years. Like a car that you just develop that special bond with and can't ever part from, you can keep a pair of custom leather boots from Nick's Boots on your feet for decades with the right care.