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  1. What is Polarthin-XP?

    What is Polarthin-XP?

    Polarthin-XP is a cutting edge aerogel fabric with up to 4 times the thermal insulation performance vs. traditional synthetic insulation materials.


    Polarthin has been specifically engineered for use in performance clothing and cryogenic applications. This feat of scientific innovation does not require loft to insulate & maintains thermal insulation even when compressed to thinner than 1mm thick!


    Aerogel is a super insulator originally designed for the NASA Space Program. It is utilized in insulating satellites in temperatures as low as -450ºF!

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  2. What is So Special About Merino Wool Socks?

    Why should you spend extra on merino wool socks instead of the typical crew socks that you can easily find in stores? Because they're better!

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  3. How Much Does It Cost To Resole Vibram Boots?

    Resoling boots is one of the staple benefits of high quality custom made boots, but how much does a Vibram resoling cost?

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  4. 6 Great Boot Care Stocking Stuffers

    Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for someone you know that relies on their boots for a living? Here's 6 great ideas!

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  5. How Do I Know My Boot Size? Three Ways To Tell

    Not everyone knows what their boot or shoe size really is, and it can change across various brands or types of shoes or boot. So, how do you figure out your boot size?

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  6. Does Water Ruin Leather Boots? It Can If You Don't Take Care Of Them!

    Does water ruin leather boots? Absolutely if you don't take care of them! So, what should a boot owner do to prevent this?

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  7. How Much Of A Difference Do Insoles Make?

    One of the most frequent and easiest upgrades anyone can make to a pair of boots is easily the boot insole, but how much of a difference does it really make?

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  8. All About Leather Patina

    Like many other items, you'll start to notice leather patina as a piece of fine leather ages, which many people consider desirable.

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  9. What's A Shank And Why Does It Matter In Work Boots?

    The shank is the spine of the sole structure, so everything that has to do with the bottom of the foot and how your boot interacts with it is impacted by the shank in your boots.

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  10. Should I Use Cream Or Wax Shoe Polish?

    Polish is just one component of shoe care; you need more than that to keep a pair of fine leather boots or shoes in good condition as well as looking their best with that high mirror shine.

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