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Leather Boots

  1. How boots are shaped to your feet.

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    Have you ever wondered how boots go from a few pieces of leather sewn together, to a pair of boots that comfortably fit your feet?

    That process is called lasting.

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  2. What Is The Purpose Of Lace To Toe Boots?

    Hot Shot Lace to Toe Nicks Boots

    The purpose of lace-to-toe boots is to add a little more rigidity to the toe box. It keeps the toes from flexing further than they should, but also spreads lace tension over a larger area. That lets you lace your boots to support your feet, but without having to make the ankle or other parts of the boot too tight. 

    Lace to toe boot are a classic work boot (and heritage boot) style that has been around for a long time, which is why a lot of boot brands offer lace-to-toe as an option or make certain boots with that lacing pattern as a matter of course. 

    Should you get lace to toe boots?

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  3. How Will Your Leather Boots Change Over Time?

    Well Worn Nicks Robert Boots Brown Waxed Flesh

    Leather boots change as they age. You'll notice some difference in how they feel to a degree, but also in the color. Exactly how they age depends on the color of leather you bought, and the type of leather your boots are made of. 

    Another factor, of course, is how you maintain your boots. The more studious you are with conditioning the leather has an impact on how they age, too. 

    While there are some companies that specialize in processes that pre-age or distress leather boots, real wear gives them so much more character. The wear lines, patina and change in color from a pair of lived-in leather boots is better when it isn't faked. 

    So what can you expect from your leather boots over time? It depends a lot on your specific pair, how you wear them and how you care for them...but let's talk about some things you can expect to see.

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  4. How Boot Soles Get Attached

    Nicks TankerPro on Build Rack

    There are a few different ways a sole can be attached to a pair of boots. Let's discuss the best practices to ensure those soles stay attached after hundreds of hours.

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  5. Are Leather Boots Good For Winter?

    leather boots in the snow

    Leather boots can make for fantastic winter boots with the proper preparation, and accessories. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your boots during those colder days.

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  6. What Is Latigo Leather?

    What is latigo leather? It's a wonderful boot leather for casual or working boots. Find out more here...

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  7. What Are Horween Leather Boots?

    Horween leather boots are leather boots that are made using leather by the Horween Leather Company. What makes them so special, though?

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  8. Will Leather Work Boots Stretch?

    Feeling a bit tight at first? A bit of pinching happening? Don't worry; a little bit is normal with new boots.

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  9. What Is Oil Tanned Leather?

    Oil-tanned leather technically doesn't exist, but it's the term that people use for leather that's finished a particular way. There's definitely oil involved, but the oil has nothing to do with tanning.

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  10. What Is A Good Price For Leather Boots?

    It isn't always the case with any consumer goods that you have to pay top dollar or else you'll be miserable...but it's usually the case that investing in quality can get you better results in the long run.

    So let's talk about what "a good price for leather boots" actually is.

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Copyright © 2022 Nicks Boots. All rights reserved.