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Work Boots

  1. What Boots Are Required For Construction?

    There aren't any specific boots required for construction, but there are certain features that are. What kind of work boots you get are entirely up to you.

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  2. Are Work Boots Tax Deductible?

    Did you know work boots are actually tax deductible in some situations?

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  3. How To Dry Work Boots If They Get Soaked

    You're on the job site and your boots get soaked, either due to working conditions or a downpour from the heavens. What do you do?

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  4. What Are The Best Work Boots Money Can Buy?

    Large national brands have to cut corners somewhere to offer products at a price point that keeps them profitable since they deal in volume. They have to keep prices low enough for the buyer to not race for the back button.

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  5. Why Wedge Boots?

    Wedge boots are some of the best for work or casual wear, so long as you're getting them for what they do instead of what they don't.

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  6. Are Waterproof Boots Hotter?

    If you were barefoot outside, your feet will only get as hot or as cold as the ambient temperature. If you're wearing socks and shoes, they will either let excess heat escape (if your feet heat up) or they'll let cold air in due to the materials of your socks and your shoes.

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  7. What Are The Best Work Boots For Standing All Day?

    The best work boots for standing all day depends a lot on where you're standing.

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  8. What Height Should I Order For My Leather Work Boots?

    What Height Should I Order For My Leather Work Boots?
    Tall boots for structure, shorter for comfort...what height should I get for my leather work boots? If you have to choose, what's the best height to pick?
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  9. What Is English Bridle Leather?

    What Is English Bridle Leather?

    English bridle leather is a leather with a specific finishing process, giving it a unique appearance and feel. It's a great choice for leather goods that have to be sturdy, but also maintain a good appearance.

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  10. Goodyear Welt Vs Stitchdown Work Boots: Which Is Better?

    Goodyear Welt Vs Stitchdown Work Boots: Which Is Better?
    When a boot is actually made right, the maker will tell you if their work boots are Goodyear welted or stitchdown construction. If they don't tell you, they're glued. Get out of there.
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