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  1. Which Work Boots Last The Longest? The Ones With The Right Stuff…


    Obviously, you don't want to go broke buying new pairs of work boots more often than you should. If you find a pair you really like, you want them to last as long as possible. 

    So which work boots last the longest? Well...that's very hard to say. 

    You see, you can read reviews until the cows come home and you'll get all sorts of stores from all sorts of folks. Those people may have had those experiences, but it's no guarantee your pair of those boots will. 

    However, the brands and designs that are known for lasting a long time tend to have a number of attributes in common, and <i>those</i> are the things you want to look for. Bootmakers that care about the build of their product will do certain things right, and that's what you need for work boots to last. 

    So...what makes a work boot last? Here are a few of those things…<!

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  2. Why Do People Wear Logger Boots When They Obviously Aren't Loggers?


    The term "logger boots" is really a style of work boot rather than a specific piece of equipment for people who do a specific job for the most part. The "logger" style has come to mean a leather boot with specific design features instead of a specialized design that they once were.

    Today, a "logger boot" really has come to mean a work boots with a taller, non-western heel profile and sometimes a kiltie on the tongue. When people say "logger boots" or search for them online, that's usually what they mean. 

    Sometimes...they don't. We're going to talk about that, don't worry. 

    But why do people like this style of boot? Let's talk about that.

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  3. How To Tie Logger Boots? 3 Tricks For Tying Logger Boot Laces


    Obviously, no one wants to be tying and re-tying their laces when they're supposed to be working, or when stopping to lace them up is dangerous. On a lot of job sites, it would be.

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  4. What's The Point Of Logger Boots? They're Great For More Than Just Logging


    Are Logger style boots good for more than just logging? The short answer is yes, the long answer is in this blog.

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  5. Why Nick's Handmade Boots' Wedge Sole Boots? What Sets Ours Apart


    Why get a pair of wedge sole boots from Nick's Handmade Boots compared to other bootmakers? Because ours are made a little differently, and as a result, we feel we can say they're made a little better.

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  6. Do Logger Boots Make Good Hiking Boots?


    Since a logger boot is made for hard work outdoors, some people wonder if they make good hiking boots. As with any outdoor pursuit, you want to invest in gear that can stand up to the use and abuse when you're out in places that cars can't get to.

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