What is Polarthin-XP?

Polarthin-XP is a cutting edge aerogel fabric with up to 4 times the thermal insulation performance vs. traditional synthetic insulation materials.


Polarthin has been specifically engineered for use in performance clothing and cryogenic applications. This feat of scientific innovation does not require loft to insulate & maintains thermal insulation even when compressed to thinner than 1mm thick!


Aerogel is a super insulator originally designed for the NASA Space Program. It is utilized in insulating satellites in temperatures as low as -450ºF!

Due to its extreme insulating value we have opted to only put Polarthin-XP insulation in the places you need it. Keeping your extremities protected from cold wind with a layer in the vamp and insulating the insole of the boot from the ground.

Aerogel is hydrophobic and highly water resistant. No unpleasant odors or mildew due to moisture getting to the insulation.

Polarthin-XP has laser cut micro pores for increased breathability.