Can You Wear Logger Work Boots For Hiking?

As it happens, logger boots actually make great hiking boots...though you want to make sure they're what you want for the purpose.

What Do You Need In Good Hiking Boots?

Good hiking boots have to have certain attributes. For a start, they should be comfortable to wear, and in an appropriate size so you can wear the socks that you'll wear on the trail.

Just like with quality work boots, you want to invest in a pair that isn't going to come apart on you while on the trail. They have to be made with solid construction.

A good pair of hiking boots should also have an aggressive tread so that you have a solid foothold on whatever ground you happen to be navigating. Unless you're hiking paved trails, they shouldn't too closely resemble sneakers. While that's fine for tactical boots or other practical footwear that requires flexibility, walking on uneven terrain requires solid footbed and ankle support, keeping your foot rigidly in place enough for a strong gait though with enough flexibility to propel you.

A solid footbed is also critical on hard ground, and doubly important if carrying a heavy pack. When carrying a heavy pack, good foot support is absolutely essential. Without it, your feet, lower legs, knees, and back will go to pieces. Good outdoor boots act as a shock absorber, minimizing the strain on the musculoskeletal system while rucking.

Now, a good pair of logger boots or at least boots of that style would definitely serve well for that purpose, especially if fitted for your feet and well broken-in prior to hitting the trail, which is why some outdoors persons prefer the logger-style boot as an all-purpose outdoor boot.

Though Modern Hiking Boots Have Some Upsides As Well

With that said, you should also know that quality modern hiking boots do have some upsides which should be known about. Remember, you need to make an investment in keeping your feet comfortable and supported when out in the woods, but you also need to select the right tool for the task.

Boots, after all, are tools. Firefighting boots are for fighting fires. Motorcycle boots are for riding motorcycles. You wouldn't wear motorcycle boots to a wildland fire if you were a firefighter.

Modern hiking boots usually have a mesh upper, as this allows your feet to breathe more. The leather allows for some breathability, but not as much. If you're planning to be out in the summer heat, that could be something to be aware of. However, that does become less of a benefit in fall.

Additionally, heavy leather work boots are...well...heavy. Modern hiking boots are typically made to be as light as possible without sacrificing rigidity. Every ounce matters when you're living out of a pack.

While leather boots can stand up to water and moisture if properly treated, a synthetic lower does have an advantage here. However, the better the boot construction, and if properly treated, the less that aspect is a worry.

It is certainly true that logger boots and the logger boot style are one of the best all-purpose boot designs if and when it's made by a quality bootmaker. You have to invest to get it, but the investment in custom made logger boots are dividends in the long run.