As tall or as short as you like them! In the broad strokes, it really is entirely down to personal preference, but bear in mind that there are some practical considerations to make. 

After all, motorcycle boots are safety equipment, so you want to choose a pair of boots that fulfill those essential functions...but everything after that is all up to you. 

How tall should they be? Well, they need to be tall enough, but that depends a lot on you, the bike you ride and the kind of riding you do. 

Choose Motorcycle Boots For The Motorcycle You Ride

When it comes to choosing motorcycle boots, the first thing you need to consider is the kind of bike you ride and make your choice of boots accordingly. Some people need heavy-duty boots, basically just like work boots and others...don't have to worry as much.

Think of it like this. A heavy American cruiser like a Harley Davidson Softail or an Indian Chief has the rider sitting up nearly straight, with their feet extended forward. The pedals are on the frame and basically on either side of the engine. One leg is right by both exhaust pipes.

BMW motorcycles typically have the pedals a little further back, with the feet of the rider almost directly below them. Your feet are further away from the engine, but still close to the exhaust. 

Sportbikes, such as popular Honda, Yamaha, and similar motorcycles, have the rider leaning forward with the pedals well behind the engine and almost to the rear wheel. 

If you're riding a Super Cub...just get Tom's, you hipster. 

Each motorcycle style, in that instance, kind of dictates what the best kind of boot is going to be. The bigger bikes require you to wear a heavy boot to protect you from the heat of the engine, and the fact that hot oil and exhaust is right by your legs. You want a good 8-inch boot if not a 10-inch boot to protect your foot.

The latter two require less strenuous footwear. While you still need protection, there isn't as much heat directly by your feet and - in the case of sportbikes - you need a much more flexible boot to easily work the pedals.

So first, know your bike, and pick your motorcycle boots accordingly. 

How Tall Do Your Motorcycle Boots Need To Be? 

Basically, your motorcycle boots should be of sufficient height to cover the foot and lower leg and therefore shield it from major heat sources. Meaning, therefore, the engine and the exhaust.

So it really depends on your bike and you. If you find the rear exhaust pipe is halfway between the bottom of your calf muscles - if you don't have any, you need to go to the gym - then an 8-inch to 10-inch boot is likely perfect. If a little higher, then you might consider a taller pair, such as a set of engineer boots.

Remember, motorcycle boots are protective gear as well as a fashion statement. Worry about function first, and THEN worry about form. If your feet are adequately protected, and you're wearing a quality pair of boots that protect your feet from vibration and discomfort, that's most of what you need in a pair of motorcycle boots.

But they gotta look good too.