Why get a pair of wedge sole boots from Nick's Handmade Boots compared to other bootmakers? Because ours are made a little differently, and as a result, we feel we can say they're made a little better.

This isn't to say other wedge sole boots are bad. There are many different companies making them and some of them are very decent products. There are, however, a number of details, some key differences that set ours apart.

What are those differences? Let's dive in…

Our Wedge Sole Boots Are Custom-Fit And Made To Order, Not Ready-Made

custom made wedge sole nicks boots

First is the nature of how our wedge sole boots are made.

We make boots to order, either using the size provided by the customer or - and we prefer that our customers do this - using the fit sheet the customer provides with a remote fitting or in-person fitting.

We do make a few boots for limited stocking in our store or a few dealers, but it is a limited supply.

The wedge sole boots made by most other makers are what's called "ready made."

Ready made products, and almost everything manufactured these days is made this way, is assembled to specifications prior to being ordered. The manufacturer will either make them on-demand (meaning when ordered) or will just ship existing inventory out.

When it comes to footwear, it tends to be just shipped from existing inventory. On the one hand, it's comforting to know you can always get what you want...but that's not the same as something being made for you.

So whether you're getting a pair of our wedge workers for the job site, or a pair of our Traveler wedge sole boots for light duty or daily wear, they're made for you when you order them.

There just aren't many boot makers making them that way these days.

Nick's Handmade Boots Are Rebuildable

Another fundamental difference between Nick's Handmade Boots and other manufacturers is that our boots are completely rebuildable. Not "recraftable in certain situations." Completely rebuildable.

We make our boots by hand, using stitchdown construction. While a welted build is still very good, the reality is that many boot makers are turning out product at scale. We focus on just making the best product possible with every pair that goes out the door.

The more painstaking construction tends to yield a more durable pair of boots, but also allows for total recrafting by the maker instead of having to hope that a cobbler can do something for you.

We will literally replace every scrap of leather, every stitch, every nail and every rivet of the eyelets and/or hooks, from the sole to the top of the mouth of the boot.

Most boot companies do make their boots so they can be resoled, and some even offer factory repairs such as a resole...but there's a catch. Many will not, however, perform any repairs when there is any damage to the upper of the boot.

What this means is that if anything happens to the upper, that's it. You have to either live with the damage or buy a new pair.

We, however, can and will rebuild yours. As long as we exist, we will keep our customer's boots in working order instead of leaving it to you to replace them every few years.

More Choices And Better Quality Leather

wedge sole boots made in usa

Bear in mind that plenty of other bootmakers still use quality leather, despite a lower price tag...but we give you a lot more choices when it comes to the leather used to make your boots.

Chromexcel by Horween. Vegetable-tanned leather from Wickett and Craig. Roughout in multiple colors. Lighter or heavier weight, in case you're ordering a pair of work boots, casual boots or a pair that will do both.

Most other wedge sole work boots on the market...might give you the choice of black and maybe a couple shades of brown. We give you far more.

The same applies to the sole as well.

The default for many years has been the Christy Creme sole by Vibram, and usually only in white. You can order the classic Christy Creme in white or - if you prefer - the Vibram 2021 sole, a ripple sole in black, brown or sand.

The style has classically been identified with the Christy Creme sole, and as a result very few wedge sole work boots have more than one choice of sole from the manufacturer. We give you the choice.

Actual Arch Support

One of the trademarks of Nick's Handmade Boots is our uncompromising arch support, built into every boot that we make.

One of the selling points for many designs of wedge sole work boots is the relatively flat heel profile. There's almost no heel drop, so the foot is relatively flat, almost like a pair of sneakers. One of the most common complaints, however, is a lack of arch support.

Typically, this leads to the owner buying a set of more supportive inserts in a matter of weeks.

Some claim that this leads to a more natural flexing of the foot. It's certainly true that allowing the foot to flex more naturally is beneficial, but the area where the foot flexes the most is actually at the ball of the foot, meaning the toe box is the more critical design feature.

This is why you're supposed to buy boots that are of the correct width...which you can only fully ensure by getting measured since many boot maker's lasts are different. You don't know if their "D" width is closer to a "C" width or an "E" width if you're ordering them online.

However, arch support is either there or it isn't. While insoles can make a difference, it's also the case that a boot is either made with a shank that provides the wearer with ample support or it isn't.

Our boot designs include a multi-layer vegetable-tanned leather shank, providing reinforcement in the arch and therefore that your foot gets the proper support, while still having minimal heel drop in the sole.

Arch support that keeps the foot from absorbing too much shock, and ensures lasting comfort of the wearer for the lifetime of the boot, is one of our trademarks. Various boot designs, such as loggers, packers or wedge sole work boots...are just built around that solid foundation.

You're getting a pair of hard working boots that have the reputation as the best money can buy.