You've probably heard that motorcycle boots are an important piece of gear to have for riders. Are they? What is so important about wearing a pair of boots while you're riding? I see people wearing their tennis shoes all the time!

Well, you can do whatever you want and whatever lets you ride comfortably. If you feel like you don't want to wear or need motorcycle boots, then by all means. You do you.

But why are they important, though? There are some good reasons to wear a good pair of motorcycle boots.

Motorcycle Boots Give Your Feet Protection

importance of motorcycle boots

One reason you should have motorcycle boots for riding is definitely for protection.

For starters, you have protection from heat. When you ride a motorcycle, your feet are only a few inches away from the engine and/or the exhaust. Granted, this depends a lot on what kind of bike you ride; a sportbike typically angles the rider forward and the feet are closer to the rear wheel. However, a cruising bike will have your feet ride by the motor.

Engines and exhaust get hot. Synthetic fabrics don't necessarily offer the best shielding from heat, whereas heavier leather boots will. Granted, it's not that you won't feel any heat, it's more than your feet will be better protected from it.

Aside from the heat, the other thing you have to worry about is in case of an accident. Accidents happen, and we've all heard stories where someone had to lay the bike down to keep from getting in a major wreck.

Your typical shoes will shred in seconds. A quality pair of heavy leather boots won't necessarily come out unscathed, but it's more the case that a serious pair of motorcycle boots will mean the difference between feet that are merely injured and feet that are turned into hamburger.

Motorcycle Boots Are Comfortable...If They're Made Well

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Riding a motorcycle is not like taking a drive in a Rolls Royce. You feel vibrations from the bike, bumps in the road and so on. Therefore, you want footwear that minimizes the shock to your feet.

While this might not matter to younger riders, some people have taken so much shaking over the years that taking a lot of bumps on their bike hurts. The abrasion in the feet, ankles and lower legs starts to hurt, so they wear heavier footwear that absorbs the shock.

That's why a lot of people wear boots that resemble heavy-duty work boots, as they can stand up to the pounding.

Also, there's the fact that you have your feet up against the pedals, and sometimes up to hours at a time if you're on a long ride. Regular old shoes just don't have much rigidity; you'll feel the pedal pressed into the flesh of your foot and that can start to seriously hurt. A good boot, with a rigid sole and comfortable insole, will make sure your feet stay comfortable.

If it's not comfortable for you to ride, chances are you'll find excuses not to ride.

Also, Good Motorcycle Boots Look Cool

top motorcycle boots

Of course, a quality pair of motorcycle boots look cool. Let's not kid ourselves.

While we tell ourselves that riding a motorcycle has nothing to do with looking cool, we all know that it's definitely a part of the appeal. The leather. The loud noise. It makes you more interesting than you actually might be.

If you're not going to look good doing it...why bother?