Just as with any other practical footwear, you want to make a good choice of motorcycle boots. What makes good motorcycle boots, though? Why get one pair over another?

After all, you're just going to wear them sitting down!

Except that it's not really that simple, is it? In truth, you want to invest in a pair of quality boots, just as you would with any other kind of boot such as a pair of work boots.

What makes a good pair of motorcycle boots? Let's examine that a bit.

Moto Boots Have To Absorb Shock And Offer Protection

the makings of a good motorcycle boot

If you think about what your feet have to endure when riding, you want to get moto boots that offer protection against vibration and shock, and also offer your feet protection in case something goes seriously wrong.

A motorcycle has a lot less suspension, two fewer tires, and a heck of a lot less mass than a car. Therefore, vibrations from the road and the engine are felt a whole lot more!

A stout pair of boots, made to take punishment, is going to be able to absorb more shock than a pair of sneakers or a pair of fashion boots. Work boot makers - not to toot our own horn or anything - have known this for decades, which is why heavy work boots are needed for workers who need to protect their feet from heavy abrasion, such as working on concrete surfaces and so on.

To protect your feet from such vibration, you want to make sure to buy a pair of motorcycle boots that are made just like quality work boots. That way, your feet won't feel like they've just been jackhammered.

Also, and this is a bit more grisly but bears mentioning, what about if you have an accident?

If you take a tumble off your bike, or have to lay it down to avoid a wreck, you need all the protection you can get. Sneakers or fashion boots aren't going to cut it. Asphault can rip off or practically disintegrate light footwear. This is why many riders wear leathers and definitely why a full helmet is a good idea.

Granted, in such instances...injury is still possible or even likely. But a pair of strong motorcycle boots, made by a bootmaker that knows what they're doing, can be the difference between merely hurt feet and disfigured feet.

Other Features Of Quality Motorcycle Boots

features of a high quality work boot

Some other good features to look for in quality motorcycle boots are heat-resistant stitching and materials. After all, your feet are inches away from the engine, and you don't want to take the chance of melting the glue holding on your shoe soles.

As a result, a repairable welt - meaning a boot that can be resoled - is a good idea, as any damage can be repaired instead of having to buy a whole new pair.

You want to look for a sole that, as mentioned, is shock-resistant, something like a decent Vibram sole.

Given the dust, dirt and grime that can come off the road, rough-out leather uppers aren't a bad idea either as rough-out is easier to clean, and you want sturdy leather that's thick enough to take the abuse but pliable enough to stay comfortable.

Another good design appointment is to have a raised heel profile, though this can be down to the personal preference of the rider and their rear brake pedal and foot shifter. Some people find a flat sole works best, others find the raised heel is all but essential. This much is up to you, but it's a good idea to find a boot company that gives you the option.

Also, you really want to find motorcycle boots that fit you well and that are comfortable to wear. A fitted boot is going to be much more supportive and comfortable for long rides, including when you step off the bike. Remember, you h