In a lot of different professions, it's either recommended or even required that you wear steel toe boots. As a result, a whole lot of people end up buying them...and then ditching them for a pair that they like better.

If you're in need of a new pair or just A pair of steel toe boots, it can be a crapshoot as to whether a pair of boots that seem pretty good in the store are actually going to work out on the job site.

You might wonder if perhaps it's better to invest in a pair of custom-fit, made-to-order steel toe boots, as they're likely to be better than a store-bought pair. However, the price tag may make you wonder if perhaps the eye-watering investment is more than its worth.

In fact, a pair of custom boots with safety toes will be worth every penny and more with a custom fitting. And here are the reasons why…

You'll Have More Room In The Toe Box Of Your Steel Toe Or Safety Toe Boots

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The most common reason why people grow to hate a pair of steel toe boots over time, or won't buy them outright, is that the toe box is too crimped for their liking.

Insufficient room for the toes to move and flex while walking is not only uncomfortable, it can actually lead to injuries. Never mind that it will also make you absolutely miserable by the end of the day, and lead to a slight wince when you pull them on in the morning.

With a custom-fit pair of boots, the boot maker will take the measurements of your foot and craft the boot to those specifications. The boot is made for you, not to some measurement that a cheap boot company thinks will fit almost everyone.

Work boots are typically wide with a wider last (the mold they use to build the boot around) to accommodate the foot better while in motion. That gives your foot more room to flex and move and essentially function as the foot is supposed to.

With the correct measurements being used to create the boot in the first place, the minor displacement inside the toe box due to having the steel or celastic toe shell will be far less of an imposition. In fact, you may barely feel it's there at all.

More room in the toe box, more comfort.

A Custom Fit Work Boot Will Give You More Support Where Needed

Another benefit of a custom work boot - including a custom steel toe boot - is that your feet will get more support where it's needed and less constriction where it's not.

A lot of people find that many work boots don't have enough arch support, a common complaint with many brands found in department stores, outdoor stores and farm and ranch stores that sell work boots.

Another common issue with work boots is that the heel is either too loose, allowing the heel to lift while in motion, or is too tight, which causes chafing. After all, you have a hard enough job without having to put on Moleskin every darn day of the week.

By having your boots custom made, the boot is made to fit your exact feet rather than having your feet fit into the boot and praying like heck that they fit.

Most boot companies, you see, use a last that purports to typically is purported to fit the majority of people. This is why some half-sizes appear to be uncommon, and why so many boot companies don't seem to offer wide sizes...or for that matter, narrow sizes.

After all, not everyone has "D" width feet. Some are actually Es, and some as narrow as B, AA or even A, and of all genders and sizes.

By investing in a custom pair of boots, the manufacturer is taking pains to ensure that your feet are fit perfectly by your steel toe boots, instead of selling a boot to a store that then sells it to you in the hopes that your feet will fit.

A better fit means more comfort, fewer aches and pains, and a decreased risk of foot, lower leg, knee, hip and lower back issues due to being on your feet all day.

A Custom Boot Is Made To Last

Another reason why investing in a pair of custom steel toe boots is that boot companies that specialize in made-to-order footwear make them so that they can stand up to years of abuse and keep coming back for more.

Made-to-order work boots are also built with construction methods that allow for the soles to be replaced, and even for the boot to be completely rebuilt from the ground-up if needs be. This means that the boot can be completely repaired, no matter the damage.

In other words, you're investing in footwear that can be kept in good working order for the rest of your life. Whether you're looking for lighter duty works boots to the sturdiest pair of mudkickers you can find, investing in boots is never a bad idea. Making that kind of investment in work boots SHOULD come with that level of build quality and quality of materials, and a custom pair will ensure that you get it.

People everywhere cheat themselves by getting work boots and other items of less quality than they should accept...and suffering the consequences later on, if not right away. By investing in a great pair of steel toe work boots, you're investing in your own comfort and safety.

Why not make sure your feet are not only protected, but kept comfortable and pain-free?