What's So Important About Arch Support?

If you've browsed much of our product line, you'll notice that we prominently talk about the arch support of our boots. Take a look at our BuilderPro work boots; we offer models by high arch and medium arch.

There's a reason for it. Arch support is actually the heart and soul of practical footwear; if you have good arch support, that's correct for your feet, then you'll be more comfortable, more stable, and being on your feet won't feel like an ordeal.

Why is that, though? What's so important about arch support and, at that, the arch of the foot?

Arch Support Matters Because The Arch Is A Vital Area Of The Foot

The reason arch support matters is because the arch of the foot is more or less the foundation of all motion.

The arch of the foot is actually made up of three individual arches. There are two longitudinal arches (front to back, inside and outside) and one horizontal, running across the foot. The arch of the foot functions more or less as the shock absorber and primary contact point of the foot.

When you're just standing still, most of your weight is actually resting on the arch of the foot rather than on the ball of the foot or the heel. When you push off to walk, the arch transmits force from the musculoskeletal system to the ground first from the arch and then the ball of the foot. It's the same thing when you jump.

boots that provide arch support

If you were to go see a weightlifting coach about learning to perform heavy squats or deadlifts, what they'll tell you is that the power you transmit to the ground to push or pull the bar up should go through the midfoot. Which, of course, is the arch of the foot.

Since that's the part of the foot that is most involved in mobility and stability, it therefore takes a lot of punishment if you're on your feet all day. That's part of why your feet hurt so bad after a long day on your feet.

By giving this part of the body some crucial support, you decrease discomfort, increase stability, and therefore lessen the chance of falls or other injuries. Also, the human foot evolved to mostly walk on soft ground; concrete, tile and other hard surfaces, which are man-made, are technically not what we, as a species, evolved to walk on.

Poor Arch Support Can Also Lead To Injury

arch support in your book matters to foot health

Poor arch support is also a potential cause of injuries. Not necessarily catastrophic injuries, but wear and tear on your body that can cause pain, though may potentially lead to more serious injuries that can interfere with your ability to work.

And that's exactly why we make work boots and firefighter boots to give you the support you need. We want to help keep you happy, healthy and on the job.

Without proper arch support, you can develop underpronation or overpronation when you walk. This is when your feet flex outward or inward, so the outside or inside edge of the foot makes the most contact with the ground instead of uniform contact. This can damage the tendons and ligaments of the foot, and eventually damage those of the ankle, knee and even your lower back.

Granted, if you work a desk job...it doesn't matter all that much. If you're on your feet all day, however...footwear that doesn't properly support your arches can and will result in a miserable experience, and possibly an injury. Therefore, investing in properly supportive footwear is an investment in your own health and happiness.

Of course, it also doesn't hurt that Nick's Boots look so darn good.