Is the expense of custom boots worth it? Do custom boots fit better than those off the rack?

Yes, they do and we have thousands of customer testimonials that back it up, including repeat business from customers rebuilding their boots time and again and even purchasing additional pairs.

Does that mean you can't get a great pair of work boots if they aren't custom made? Not necessarily. There are some fantastic stock boots that are comfortable, supportive, and made for the rigors of hard work that you can buy right off the shelf.

It's more that you get the absolute best bang for your buck in terms of comfort, support, and overall experience with custom-fitted boots.

Amazing Stock Work Boots Can Give You The Support And Comfort You Need

custom fit leather work boots are best

Don't get it wrong; there are some amazing work boots that are carried as stock by some fantastic bootmakers. That doesn't necessarily mean that the work boots at your local big box "mart" store are among them.

It's more that you can get a great pair of leather work boots that fit well off the rack IF they happen to be made by a boot company that makes them correctly...and not all of them do. If you want to get a really great pair of boots, but are looking for a more immediate purchase rather than having to wait for your boots to be made to order, there are some great boots out there.

If, that is, you're willing to still make the necessary investment.

There are some things you just can't cheat. No matter what you do, quality leather doesn't come cheap, and neither does the skilled labor required to make a pair of serious work boots. If you want the kind of work boot that's made to last, it isn't going to be cheap.

It is, though, the case that you can get a really good pair of work boots from stock inventory if they're made right.

However, there are some good reasons to opt for custom boots.

Do Custom Boots Fit Better? Definitely If They're Made To Order

custom fitted work boots with perfect fit

Let's clarify a bit about "custom boots." It's one thing to order them in a specific color, but what we mean by "custom boots" is work boots that are made-to-measure. In other words, they are fitted for you, based on the measurements of your feet.

Do custom boots fit better? Of course they do. Anything is going to fit better if it's made to fit you, specifically.

To fit a person for boots, a shoemaker or bootmaker starts with tracings of the foot shape as well as the measurements at key points, including the circumference at the ball of the foot, at the heel and other key measurements of the shape and size of both feet. The arch of the foot will also be taken into account.

Using the measurements and shape of the feet, a custom boot maker will use either a custom last - a mold of a foot - crafted to fit the shape of the customer's foot or an existing last of the same dimensions, and build the boot around it. This crafts the boot to the foot, instead of putting your feet in the position of having to adapt to the boot.

Mass-production shoes and work boots are made on just a single last that purports to fit everybody...but really fits nobody. This is why so many people have to lace their shoes or boots a little looser or tighter, or invest in inserts to get the support or comfort they need.

The better your feet are supported, the more comfortable you're going to be. You'll also experience far less fatigue and soreness in your feet. Our customers also report experiencing knee pain, lower back pain and hip pain less often after getting their custom boots, though of course hard work takes a toll on everyone differently.

So can you get a pair of stock boots and still get a great pair? Sure! But do custom boots fit better? Absolutely.