How to be Fit

There are 3 ways to be fit for a pair of Nicks Boots 

1) Remotely, via our Fit Sheet Proceess

2) Locally, in store with an associate. 

3) Via a local dealer. Visit our Dealer Locator” to find one near you.

Please Note: If you are fit by a dealer, Nicks Handmade Boots does not guarantee the fit. Fit guarantees are between the purchaser and seller. The manufacturer’s warranty is still valid.


We recommend visiting us instore for fitting as it is convenient for you. If you are near Spokane, visit us at our Spokane Valley location:

Fitting Hours

Monday-Friday                      Saturday

8:30am-4:30pm                       10am-2pm

                                    No appointment necessary.

6510 E. Sprague Ave

Spokane Valley, Wa 99212


Please come prepared:

  • Plan to be in the store for about 1-1 ½ hours.
  • Bring socks, in the same thickness you plan to wear regularly in the boots.

(Don’t know what socks to wear? Let one of our associates make the right recommendation for you.)

  • Be ready to walk. Part of the fitting process is walking in a pair of Nicks Boots for approximately 15 minutes. This helps the 7000+ nerves in feet relax, allowing us to accurately assess fits for long term use.


The Fit Sheet/Sizing Guide Process

We recommend being fit via our Fit Sheet/Sizing Guide process when distance is an inconvenience.

This sizing process was implemented by Nicks as a long distance fitting solution ensuring quality, and accuracy. A proper fit is the difference between good and great.

The Fit Sheet is used to determine your Nick's size, whether you are getting a "stock" fit or custom fit.  We need a Fit Sheet to perform our initial evaluation of your fit if you are not able to come to our Spokane location.


  • Stay in the comfort of your own home.
  • Be fit from a distance by a trained Nicks Fitter.
  • Know your fit was evaluated by our lead fitter.
  • Receive a guaranteed fit.


  • Added time to ordering process opposed to instore fitting.


Getting Started:

1) Download & Print the Digital Fit Sheet/Sizing Guide

Download here.

2) Watch our "How to Measure" video.

3) Complete the Sizing Guide.

Please follow the instruction on the first few pages.

 Please note: Tracings self-completed are NOT usable. Weight distribution is key, and only accurate when someone else does the tracing.

4) Mail the Sizing guide!

5) Once you receive your try-on boots, fill out this Fit Questionnaire




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