The best work boots for standing all day depends a lot on where you're standing.

Every job is different. It doesn't matter how you put food on the table, but there are some trades and jobs that are a lot more demanding of footwear than others. Because they are, the best boots for being on your feet all day in that environment will differ.

No matter what job you do, investing in the best work boots you can get for that job will make your working life easier with increased comfort and less chance of injury.

So what are some great work boots for being on your feet all day? Here are some great places to start…

In The Great Outdoors: Logger Boots

If you're going to be on your feet all day in rough country, the classic logger boot reigns supreme. A thick heel and rugged lug sole gives you superior traction and support, with solid arch support.

The logger boot style was designed for outdoor use in rugged terrain, which required a rugged boot. Today, people who work outdoors heavily prefer logger-style work boots for the same reason.

The logger boot is a staple of the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere for good reason. If you need a tough boot for a tough job in tough landscapes to work in...this is your go-to.

For All Purposes: The Classic 8-Inch Work Boot

The all-purpose work boot is definitely the classic 8-inch leather work boot. The standard 8-inch work boot design has a moderate heel with a lug sole - or sometimes something different - for the utmost in traction.

The classic work boot design gives you the best of all worlds. It's a sturdy boot, with good support under the heel and arch to keep your feet from getting beaten up from hard impacts, but the lower heel profile makes the boot flexible enough to be reasonably light on your feet.

When well-made, you have all the support and comfort you could ever need. If treated in the colder months, they work just as well in the winter, so you have a real four-season boot if you add some good wool socks.

This boot style is good for work, it's great for hiking or hunting, and when they're made right...they look too darn good to wear anything else.

On The Farm: Packer Boots

Some people just love the western toe profile in a work boot, and a solid pair of Packer boots are a great pick.

Packer boots are a hybrid between a cowboy boot and a work boot, with a cowboy boot heel and the sharp western toe, giving you the cowboy boot look but with the ankle support that cowboy boots just don't ever have.

If you're on your feet all day, heel and arch support are critical. Made correctly, packers have all you need and more.

With good construction, Packer boots have excellent support in the heel, ankle and arch, with enough room for the forefoot to flex as it should so your toes don't get pinched. You have all the support and comfort you need for work, but with the western flair that some people prefer.

If you actually do spend any time in the saddle, there's no need to go get riding boots. You're ready to get your feet in the stirrups.

The Packer is a great work boot for anyone who wants a sturdy, comfortable boot...but wants a little style to go with it.

On The Shop Or Factory Floor: Wedge Boots

The boot style that's thought to be the most comfortable you can get is wedge boots. The thick sole cushions the feet from impacts on hard surfaces, and the lower heel profile gives you a flatter feel that some people prefer, almost like a sneaker.

Wedge boots are one of the best options for being on your feet all day, especially on hard surfaces like concrete floors in a factory or shop.

The brands that specialize in making this type of boot have been perennial favorites with factory workers, postal workers, mechanics and others for decades because of it. You won't go wrong with a pair if you're on your feet all day indoors.

Make sure to get a pair that has enough arch support. Lesser boot brands don't build it into the footbed, which can lead to sore feet a lot faster than they should.

Some people refuse to wear anything else. Get a decent pair of wedge boots, and you'll see why.