Makers of quality leather boots will offer you options for various features, such as what arch height you'd like built into your boots. Picking what you'd like, unless you go in for a fitting, means you have to know a bit before making a purchase. 

If you were to order a pair of, say, stock boots, you should know what's going to be best-suited to your needs in footwear. 

So what's the ideal arch height for you?

The Classic High Arch Of Nick's Work Boots

If you have a look at our work boots as well as firefighter boots, you'll notice they have a very tall arch compared to most boots you'll find in department stores. There's a reason for this! 

A high arch gives the foot the utmost of support while walking - especially on uneven ground - while lifting and also provides superior shock absorption when walking on hard surfaces like concrete. 

Granted, some people will also find high arch profiles to be more comfortable and supportive if they have a flat arch in the foot, which requires more support for correct posture and a correct stride, which helps to prevent foot injuries and maladies such as plantar fasciitis. 

Most people either select or for that matter need a higher arch profile because they're going to be doing some heavy labor and in rough areas, such as for loggers, lineman, or people who work on hard concrete all day. These are boots that are built to take a beating and never compromise in terms of support or comfort. 

For the more casual wearer, they're going to be overkill. You might even find them uncomfortable, especially if you have an office job or don't really encounter any really rough terrain on a regular basis. 

high arch work boots for serious work

The Medium Arch: Best Of All Worlds For Leather Boots

For the person that needs more support than typical shoes due to their work, but doesn't necessarily need the offroad model, a medium arch profile is an excellent choice. Residential construction workers, contractors, warehouse and factory workers, and also people selecting a rugged boot for typical outdoor use often find the medium arch the best choice for leather boots. 

If you don't necessarily need the maximum amount of foot support but definitely need it, this is the right boot to get. Those with arch issues will also find this boot to their liking, as it offers more than a moderate arch height, but is available in work boots and casual boots as well. 

The medium arch is kind of like a pickup with leather seats and the off-road package. It's rugged enough for use off the beaten path, but still comfortable enough for casual use as well. 

Moderate Arch: A Great Choice For Casual As Well As Work Boots

A moderate arch profile is an excellent choice for work boots as well as casual leather boots, including for both working purposes and for general wear. 

If the demands of your job aren't such that you need the utmost in support, for casual wear, or if you're getting a pair of boots you'll wear for literally everything except climbing up and down mountains in the snow, this is the more ideal arch height. 

Think of it this way: if you're never leaving the pavement, you probably don't need to get off-road tires. Your car will ride better on the highway, and probably last a little longer. 

However, our work boots that ARE made for the toughest of jobs are also offered with a moderate arch, which is a good choice for people who have high arches. 

So, if you're looking for more of a pair of the highest quality fashion boots, not necessarily for a hard working purpose, the moderate arch is going to be your best bet. 

Pick the right boots for the purpose you're getting them for, and you'll wear them for decades.