The longer lead times, fitting process and expense would seem to make a great argument for getting in-stock boots over custom work boots. After all, it's a working item and it makes sense to have it as soon as possible to put it to work right? 

Well, there is something to be said for made-to-order work boots, to be sure. It's an investment in quality of fit, as well as construction and materials, with the ultimate goal being getting the utmost in comfort and service life from your work boots. 

Does that mean you can't get a great deal of comfort, as well as a long service life out of ordering boots in stock? Of course not! 

In-Stock Work Boots Can Still Be Great Boots

Ultimately, quality is quality and buying a pair of stock work boots can still be a great investment. 

If, that is, you're buying a pair of boots that are made with sound construction techniques, with quality materials, and from a company that really cares about the quality of their product. The catch there is that many of them only care about making products to sell, rather than making a quality product that sells itself. 

Most people get a Rolls Royce to order, but you can buy them off the showroom floor, you know. 

But make sure you're investing in a pair of quality stock boots to begin with. 

You want to make sure your work boots have a solid and resoleable welt, keeping the sole attached to the boot but also making it so a new sole can be easily installed by the manufacturer. 

A good pair of boots should offer ample support, especially at the heel and the arch, so that your feet are protected from shocks and you can go uphill, downhill or sidehill without losing support for your feet. 

You should also look for a bootmaker that produces footwear that can be rebuilt if necessary, as a good pair of boots should be able to be rebuilt, from the ground up if necessary, and provide a lifetime of service to the owner. 

If you're making an investment in quality footwear, you want to make sure you're getting good value for what you spend, rather than overpaying for a name that's on a pair of cheap factory boots made who knows where by who knows who. 

Made To Order Work Boots Are Still A Good Idea

Obviously, getting made to order work boots is still a very good investment if you want a pair of quality boots that's going to be comfortable and supportive to wear, as well as stay that way for a long time. 

By having boots made to order and by getting fit for them, you get your boots made to specifically fit your feet, instead of fitting your general size. This will ensure more comfort, and the best fitment possible. 

Does that mean that ordering a pair from stock inventory instead of tailor-made for your feet won't work well if otherwise made to the highest standards? That they won't be comfortable? That you won't be able to work without discomfort or injury? 

Not at all. It's more that they'll be slightly better in the details of the fit, since they're made for you. Is that worth the extra investment? We can't speak for you, but a lot of our customers feel that they are. 

The only problem, of course, is that unless you happen to live in the same area as the actual maker of your custom work boots, or there's a dealer nearby that can take your measurements, you're going to be in for some wait time, which leaves you in a bit of a lurch if you happen to need a new pair of boots soon.