It's one thing for work boots, but should you consider getting your casual boots made to order as well? It's not as if they're being made for work purposes, so that's some significant extra investment.

For instance, if you were looking at a pair of our Urban Logger boots, you might notice that there's an option for a fit kit and test boots to ensure proper fitment, but it adds an extra $50 to the price tag, as there is for all of our light duty boots.

Of course, there are other companies that offer similar products, with the option of custom fitment. So, is it worth it?

It really is for most people.

Let's talk about why it is, and why some people don't consider it.

Why Wouldn't You Get Custom-Fit Casual Boots?

made to order custom nicks work boots

There are some reasons why you wouldn't get custom-fit casual boots.

For one, some people just get them more for appearance than function, and that's fine. A lot of people purchase what you might call the finer things or bespoke items like suits and shoes and based solely on the appearance, and that's fine.

Another reason is that you might not have ever had a problem with the fit of factory shoes because you don't necessarily spend a heck of a lot of time on your feet every day, and as a's just not that big of a deal.

Then you have people that don't actually care about getting the most for their money, because any footwear, as far as they're concerned, are just going to get replaced. Some people don't know or for that matter don't care that quality leather boots and shoes can be resoled, or even rebuilt.

In past decades, that was the done thing; shoe repair and boot repair was a vastly more common trade than it is today. There are people that wore the same pair of Florsheims or what have you for...basically their entire adult life, because they could be resoled and rebuilt due to the quality of construction.

These days, not very many people do that.

Why You Would Want Your Casual Boots Custom Fit

However, there are some very good reasons why you WOULD want your casual work boots to be custom-fit for you.

For one, a quality pair is a substantial investment, and for the kind of requisite expenditure, you want your boots or leather shoes to be as comfortable as possible and to fit you as best as possible. That way, you'll enjoy them more than a pair of shoes you can just go buy somewhere.

We'll put it this way: there are dealerships for very expensive cars. Yes, you can go buy a Ferrari off the lot. You can buy a Bentley, a Lamborghini, an Aston-Martin, or a Rolls Royce off the lot. Most people, however, don't. They order the car from an options list and it's delivered, either because a car with those specifications exists somewhere in inventory or it's built for the customer by the factory and shipped.

And if you're spending upward of $200,000 or more on a want it to be made how you want it to be. That's a big difference between shoes that are expensive and/or attractive that you can buy from a store and a pair that's made, bespoke, for you, even those that are for light duty or casual wear instead of serious work.

Some people are investing in a pair of casual boots or shoes that they intend to have a very long time, so it might as well fit them as best as they possibly can. And that's a great reason to have your light duty boots custom-fit.