Is it bad to wear work boots everyday? It can be...but it also might not be, depending on a few things. If you're wearing lousy work boots, it's absolutely bad for you. If you aren't, it's actually good for you.

That's the short answer. The longer answer is that it depends.

If you invest in a quality pair of work boots that give you the support and comfort you need, that are broken in to your feet, that are the correct size, then you shouldn't have issues wearing them every single day.

It also depends on how one defines "work boot." Some people wear what are generally considered "work boots" every day and drive a desk for a living. Some people are on their feet all day in sneakers.

Is It Bad To Wear Work Boots Every Day?

wearing boots every day

The only way in which it's bad to wear work boots every day, and indeed ANY footwear of any type, is if they are uncomfortable, incorrectly sized, or don't give you the support you need.

If your shoes or boots are any of the above, then it's bad to wear them for any length of time. If your boots are any of the above, it's quite possible they're all of the above.

A work boot has to provide support in critical areas to mitigate impacts on the foot, especially at the heel. This keeps injuries from occurring and also reduces wear and tear on the knees, hips and lower back. This is especially important for professions with a lot of outside risk, the last thing a firefighter wants to do is worry about their firefighter boots adding insult to injury.

The arch of the foot must also have adequate support for the foot to flex and allow the arch to act as the spring of the foot.

This requires either precise fitment and support of the arch or a "barefoot" shoe with minimal support that lets the foot act naturally, though those cannot be worn on any jobsite, don't meet many office dress codes and - let's face it - look stupid.

A lack of arch support can lead to a host of issues. Plantar fasciitis, problems with the ankles, knees and hips, and sore and aching feet by the end of the day. It's a common problem with many work boots of less than good construction.

And if your boots aren't're just going to be miserable. Who wants to be miserable?

So, if a pair of work boots meets any of those's absolutely bad to wear them all day. You aren't going to be comfortable, and wearing them long-term can actually lead to injuries.

And it should also be said that this applies to ANY footwear - not just work boots!

It Also Depends On What You Mean By "Work Boots"

comfortable nicks work boots

A lot of different makes and models of footwear could be said to be "work boots." Any boot that you can wear...for work...are work boots; the question is what work you're doing in them.

Look at the myriad of heritage boots on the market. These are older styles of practical footwear, in many cases 6-inch or ankle boots, with a relatively low-profile sole and modest heel block. Examples abound, and some for a hefty price tag...though some are definitely worth it!

Are those "work boots"? Not as the term is commonly understood, no, but those are exactly the design of work boots and shoes that thousands of loggers, miners, mechanics, factory workers, tradesmen and - yes - even our soldiers wore for much of the 20th century.

So they are work boots, it's just that many people mentioned above - loggers, miners, mechanics, factory workers and tradesmen - wear a different style of boot today...for good reason of course!

There are also plenty of work boots that are also worn casually. From lighter duty boots to lain and moccasin-toe wedge sole boots are just as popular for everyday casual wear as they are on job sites. The low heel profile and flat sole are supportive, comfortable and feel almost sneaker-like on the foot.

Are any of those bad to wear every day? So long as they are properly constructed and taken care of, not at all.

However, would a pair of 10-inch logger boots be comfortable to wear in an office everyday? Once broken in, they'd be plenty comfortable but your feet would ROAST under a desk, and that wouldn't be pleasant.

In that light, is it bad to wear work boots every day?

Of COURSE not. Ankle boots are the perfect medium between dress shoe appearance and work boot support, which a lot of people prefer. Arguably, they're the perfect do-it-all footwear.

If you purchase a pair that's sized correctly for you, is made correctly, and gives you the support and comfort you could that be bad?