What are the best steel toe boots to buy for work? Well, that depends a whole lot on how you define "best." Some people have different standards, after all.

We know what makes for a great pair of work boots, including safety toe boots required in a number of professions, steel or otherwise.

Ultimately, the things that make any pair of work boots the best pair of work boots is going to be true regardless of whether there's a protective toe cap. It is in this area that we know what we're talking about more than anyone else.

However, there is a little bit more to it once steel toe caps enter the picture.

What makes the best steel toe boots?

The Best Steel Toe Boots Are Fit To You, Not You To Them

boots that fit you

One aspect that looms larger than any other is that a pair of steel toe work boots have to fit YOU. You do not want to make you fit them.

You should be able to put on the boot socks that you wear most often, lace up your steel toe boots and have no issues whatsoever. Your toes should not feel cramped, pinched, or otherwise affected in any way.

If you feel like the toe box is constrictive, you don't have the best pair of work boots for you. Chances are you bought a pair off a store rack somewhere and figured you'd make the best of the situation.

People in that predicament have been coming to Nick's Handmade Boots for years, looking for a quality pair of steel toed work boots that have the protection and the comfort and fit that they need. A pair of boots that's tailor-made for your feet will be more comfortable.

As a result of the precise fit, you'll get much more than your money's worth in terms of the experience you have wearing them. While you can put a price on it in terms of the investment in footwear, not being miserable is worth so much more than mere dollars and cents.

Steel Toe Work Boots Should Be Comfortable

your boots should be comfortable during extended use

Most people who buy steel toe work boots are on their feet all day.

Heavy equipment mechanics, warehouse employees, people in heavy manufacturing, machinists and many, many more tradespeople find they just can't wait to get out of their work boots by the end of the day, and feel like their feet are suffering.

They're tired. Their feet are sore. Nothing is more appealing than being off their feet for a few hours, and there's almost a sense of dreading putting their work boots on again the next morning.

Not feeling foot fatigue or stress from repeated impacts is something that any work boot should give you, and so few actually do. The best steel toe boots will be comfortable to wear from the start of your shift to the end, day in and day out.

The Best Steel Toe Work Boots Provide The Support You Need

The best pair of steel toe work boots is going to give your feet the support they need to handle hours and hours on your feet, as well as the comfort to not entirely look forward to putting them on again.

Proper support in working footwear not only cuts down on misery, it's actually good for your health.

Think about this for a moment:

Did you know that the sport that causes the most injuries to players is not football or hockey?

Believe it or not, it's basketball. NCAA and pro basketball players have a higher per capita injury rate than any other sport.

Players are running up and down the court, stopping and starting and pivoting, and jumping again and again on hardwood floors. The injuries aren't serious, but niggling; the effects aren't crippling but are instead debilitating, chipping away at the player's well-being over time.

It's a similar thing with people who work on their feet. That kind of work can lead to lower leg and foot injuries, as well as niggling injuries to the knees, hips and lower back. Properly supportive footwear prevents such injuries from happening or reduces their frequency.

A good pair of steel toe boots is supposed to help keep your feet healthy as well as comfortable as well as keeping them protected.

The thing with steel toe work boots is that almost anyone can put a steel toe cap into a boot. It isn't hard. What's hard is making a great boot around it. Not every boot company can or is even willing to do it...but it's all that Nick's Handmade Boots endeavors to do.