Black vs brown boots or shoes has been a raging debate for years, and frankly we don't expect it to go away any time soon. There are definitely some points in favor of black and definitely some in favor of brown in matters of style, though ultimately it really does just come down to preference. 

We happen to think both look amazing, but then again, we make some amazing leather we'd have some bias there. 

What's the real skinny on getting black vs brown boots? 

Black Leather Boots Just Go With Everything

leather black boots

Look, the old saw about black leather boots is pretty much true. Black just goes with everything. A quality pair of black boots can be worn with everything short of a tailored suit or a tuxedo...and truth be told, will actually work with a tux if you get the right shine on them. 

That's almost always been the refrain when it comes to black vs. brown boots.

That's the wonderful thing about black leather footwear. It's not even a jack of all trades; it's a master of them. A pair of quality black leather boots goes well with everything except shorts and a tux. And if the hem of your tux is long could get away with it.

Another benefit of black leather is that it takes polish better than any other color, going from matte to glossy with ease. Even with the patina that comes with age, you can take a pair of boots that's been through the ringer and put a mirror shine on them. 

You can go from the backyard to the boardroom to the bar room to the ballroom if needs be, and never be underdressed in any of them. With the right pair of boots, you won't be out of place in any of them. 

Brown Boots Have A Bit More Character

brown leather boots

But the thing is brown boots just pop a little bit more. They add color without being ostentatious, which is not always the easiest thing to pull off. 

You stand out, but also don't cry for attention. The perfect balance of flair and restraint. 

The same is also true for many of the other shades of brown or brown-adjacent colors as well such as an orange colored boot or oxblood. 

A benefit of brown boots or shoes compared to black is that the lack of polish is a little less obvious. Black leather gone dull is terribly obvious; brown leather with a bit of patina looks amazing. 

That's why vintage brown leather items are in such high demand on the used market. 

You will find some limitations in terms of diversity of compatibility. There is no such thing as a "brown tie affair." The common sentiment is that unless you're wearing a brown suit, brown boots or shoes are just not going to look right. 

We think ours look just fine, but then again we're a bit biased. 

That said, if you just don't have to wear a suit that often and will only rent a tux once or twice a decade...who cares? 

Black Vs Brown Boots Is Really Up To You

For the most part, black vs brown boots is just a debate of conventions in men's fashion. Fashion is a fickle thing and hardly scientific. Black vs brown is a cliche that's been hanging on for decades and is a perfect excuse to exercise the ghosts of attitudes towards how people should dress from the mid 20th century. 

Does something look good to you? Then it looks good. 

Who cares about some god-awful rule that somebody came up with when bell bottom jeans were acceptable to wear? The people who came up with that black vs brown stuff willingly paid to have shag carpet installed in their homes (some even in their cars) and used slide rules instead of calculators. There are certain things that maybe we don't have to listen to them about anymore. 

However, one thing that will always be prudent is investing in quality boots that are made to last, with quality materials. That will always be in style.