The holidays are right around the corner, and if you are like me you haven't even begun thinking about gift ideas for family and friends. Luckily handmade leather goods are a great gift idea for just about anyone. Let's go ahead and break down our top picks for Nicks holiday gift ideas!

Small Leather Goods

Nicks is well known for our handmade boots and belts, but did you know we make other leather goods as well? Regardless of the type of work they do, or their affinity for heavy leather boots, most people can appreciate high quality leather goods. These make for excellent stocking stuffers, and easy gifts for just about anyone. I know I for one am going to get a matching set of coasters, cup sleeves, and catch all trays for my mom this holiday. She loves the aesthetic of leather accents throughout the house. 

Nicks Clothing!

Nicks swag is a perfect gift for the Nicks fan boy (or girl) in your life. Our shirts and hoodies are 100% made in USA and built to last, just like our boots!

Boot Care Products

The perfect gift for anyone who already owns a pair of boots, we have a number of different boot care bundles that will have everything anyone could need to keep their boots looking fresh, and ready for the winter season! If you are looking for extra brownie points, you could snag the boots and give them a good cleaning and conditioning yourself as part of the gift! Check out our boot cleaning tutorials here

Leather Belts

 Boots can be a pretty penny, and can be a tough gift to give to someone without knowing exactly what they want. Belts are a great alternative piece of workwear that still make for an excellent gift, and are much easier to shop for someone else.

Gift Card

A obvious choice for anyone you know who has been thinking about pulling the trigger on a pair of Nicks Boots. Our gift cards are reedemable on any product and can be applied at checkout to make buying a pair of boots a bit easier for anyone, without the stress of trying to figure out what they want while not ruining the suprise!

  1. Father's Day Gift Card - Get 10% extra store credit

    From $90.00

    To $1,350.00

  2. Nicks Gift Card Digital Gift Card

    From $10.00

    To $5,000.00


If you want to definitely win best gift giver during the holidays, and you know what size to buy. Going ahead and buying the boots yourself for the lucky someone is the way to go! We are getting really close to the holidays, but luckily we have a ton of in stock boots ready to ship out that way you will get them in time to wrap them up and put them under the tree!