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    Nicks Boots Official Subreddit  - A great community with product pictures and Q&A.

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  2. Why Are My Work Boots Killing My Feet?

    My Work Boots Are Killing My Feet...Here's Why That's Happening

    You've probably worn a pair of boots for work or for other purposes and after a few hours you're thinking "my work boots are killing my feet." Let's talk about why that happens. 

    Foot pain can manifest for a number of reasons, and a good number of them need to be addressed by an actual doctor. If you're having chronic footpain, new boots alone aren't the cure; you should see a podiatrist. This isn't medical advice and we aren't doctors. 

    However, the usual suspects, so to speak, are fairly well-known when it comes to why your feet hurt when you wear work boots, outdoor boots or what have you. Here's what they are. 

    Your Work Boots Don't Have

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