Why are moc toe boots so popular these days? There are a few reasons - and a few influencers on various channels that helped - but mostly it's because moc toe boots are a near-perfect blend of style and substance. 


Moc toe boots are made tough enough for work, supple enough to be comfortable, and usually with leather that makes a great appearance with minimal care. 

So what made them popular?

Moc Toe Boots Started As Comfortable Work Boots

The classic moc toe boots from Red Wing and Thorogood have a similar story to Doc Marten boots. Both started as work boots, and people who wore them found them comfortable and practical. 

Eventually some people thought they looked darn good and started wearing them for that reason. Next thing you know, people are wearing a work boot as casual wear. Most heritage boots are a work boot design, just adapted for someone who wants a well-made boot that also looks great. 

The classic moc toe boots - the Red Wing 870 and the Thorogood moc toe - were made and sold as work boots, with a thick rubber sole (classically the Christy Creme, now made by Vibram) that absorbed impact well. The factory worker, postman, mechanic, machinist, iron worker and so on could do their job without feeling like their feet took a beating. 

Just like Doc Martens starting as boots for factory workers, postmen and other working-class folks, they built a following as work boots...until a few people started to consider that they looked pretty good too

Nicks 1964 brown roughout boot with a moc toe. Nicks moc toe is built to lastNicks 1964 brown roughout boot with a moc toe. Nicks moc toe is built to last

How Did Moc Toe Boots Get Popular All Of A Sudden? 

It seems like moc toe boots got really popular for what is otherwise work wear in the past few years. What's driving it is a handful of influencers on YouTube and social media that are seen wearing them and talking about them, which got more people interested. 

Channels like Stridewise, Trenton and Heath, Carl Murawksi and - of course - Rose Anvil have done multiple videos on the different moc toe boots (and other work boots) and comparing their features, construction and so on. 

Their opinions vary on which brand or model is best, but everyone seems to agree that moc toe wedge boots are some of the best all-purpose boots you can buy. They're comfortable and sturdy, which makes them good for work, but they're supple and stylish so they make great casual wear. 

Tough enough for work, but comfortable and stylish enough to wear to the office. Sounds like the best of all worlds. 

Nicks Moc toe lug sole boot in 1964 brownNicks Moc toe lug sole boot in 1964 brown

What Moc Toe Boots Should I Get? 

Invest in a quality pair of moc toe boots for starters. Look for boots that are stitched, not cemented, so they have a sturdy build. Stitchdown construction is king. 

Wedge soles are great if you're spending long days on concrete...but get more tread if you're going to be outdoors or if you live somewhere that gets all four seasons. You can absolutely get a moc toe with a lug sole and get the comfort and cushioning you need and more. 

Remember that fitment is key to comfort and the best experience. Look for a boot company that offers your size or can have your moc toe boots made to order

The wedge sole is great for comfort...but remember that you might need more arch support. Look for a pair of moc toe boots that can give you the arch support you need to stay on your feet all day.

If you're looking for more of a casual boot that's also built tough, look for a boot company that offers your choice of leather. You'll be able to get the color and other options that you're dreaming of. 

Invest in a great pair of boots that are built well, and you'll get more than your money's worth in the long run.