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Renegade Boot


Renegade Pull On Boot — $575  

This boot is back.  Many of you have been waiting for us to re-introduce this boot.  To be successful we have made some modifications to the last it is made from, and we have also simplified our offering.  Our first one only comes as shown, with just two options, lug or mini-Vibram sole, nickel or brass buckles.  For now.  This is a rugged boot made from Seidel’s Black Stampede, which is a little softer but still almost as thick as our Hot Shot(R) Fireboot leather.  This allows for a quicker break in and more supple feel.    Please send us your fit sheet, or if we have you on file you can order your size if you know it.  It is important that these initial boots will not be custom fit, but will be offered in standard sizing.  However this will easily fit most of you.  Also, since this is a pull on boot, there is no way to cinch up the heel, as you would with laces.  So we cannot guarantee that the heel won’t slip a little.  We find that for about 1/3 of our customers this is the case.

Lead times are approaching two months as we are building up a pool of stock for try- ons.  We will build a try on that ought to fit, send it to you , and if not, build you one that will, as you return the try on and we put it into stock for sale of future try ons.

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Please send us your fit sheet to confirm sizing. Generally we fit differently than your regular shoes or boots. If we get your fit sheet we can guarantee your fit.

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Nicks Renegade Pull On

This is a limited offering from us, in that it only comes with two options, the buckles or the sole.  We also will build it as stock sizing, but that can vary widely, from widths of A to F and half sizes lengths of 6 to 14.

Please see fitting video and sizing sheet.  And send it in to us for a fit.  Most times we will send you a try on pair as a guide, that you will return, then we will build or send you the correct size from stock.  We can guarantee the fit by length and toe box, but for a minority of you, some heels will slip, as that is the nature of pull ons which cannot be cinched by laces.  Therefore we do not guarantee a no-slip heel.

  • Smooth black leather from Seidel, Black Stampede, 6.5 oz
  • Supple but strong leather
  • Comes in #3 toe on 55 last
  • Celastic Toe
  • Lined in Black
  • Choice between Vibram® Lug Sole or Mini-Vibram
  • Legendary Arch Support  for comfort and structure
  • Rolled Top
  • Buckle at mid-heel and at top V-buckle
  • Choice of Brass or Nickel Buckles
  • Buckles are robust and made in USA
  • 12″ boot height only
  • Rebuildable and Resolable
  • Handmade in the USA

Additional Information

Weight 128 oz
Dimensions 14.25 x 13 x 6 in


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