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Lead Times

Lead Times


Resoles & rebuilds currently take 16-20 weeks.


Much consideration goes into determining how long each boot takes to go through production.

Factors Nicks considers are:

  • Order (Date & Time) Submitted
  • Number of recent orders
  • Number of orders in process
  • Supplier availability
  • Current and upcoming seasons (i.e. fire, harvest, winter seasons)
  • Labor Required
  • Fit/Last Availability
  • Other misc. factors.

These lead times are not determined lightly, while we believe they are accurate they are only an estimate. Actual build and delivery times may vary, and are subject to change.


Buying Method

Lead Time

For Whom?

How it works



Stock Boots Configuration

8 weeks

Those who love our standard models and have a fairly predictable foot size.

Those who simply can’t wait and need boots quickly.

Purchase and we either pull from stock or build the pair in under a month.

Exchanges accepted to get you the right fitting boot.

Quick delivery.

Iconic boot model selection.

Boot may not fit perfectly, but a thicker or thinner sock can usually resolve that.

No customization allowed.

Choose Your Size Option -  All Boots

16-20 weeks

Those who have a very predictable foot size.

Those who want to slightly customize their boots.

Those who don’t mind the risk of the boot not fitting perfectly. 

Purchase and we build.

Shorter lead-time.

Allows for some customization.

Returns and exchanges may be allowed on a case by case basis.

Try on Boot Process - All Boots

18-24 weeks

Those who do not have a predictable foot size.


You request a try on boot.

We mail you a try-on pair of boots (can take from 8-10 weeks to get the try to you).

You call us and do a fit by phone consultation.

You mail the try on boots back to us.

We build your final pair.

Most customizable.

Longest lead time.

Added cost

Not available for international customers.

Use My Nicks Size On File

16-20 weeks

Existing customers only.

Purchase and we build.

You are already in the Nicks family!

No try on process required.



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