Frequently Asked Questions…like how do I order boots from this website?

A little love for friends or family just as fire season starts……..

Also, see some new boots or variations of older boots that we are now offering

Order your Fireboots now for this Fire Season.  Special allocation of capacity now at about two to three weeks for fire boots after fit sheet approval.

Sizing:  Most of you can easily fit into a Standard Size boot, 6 through 14 from AAA width to FFF. And half sizes in between.  Those are our standard sizes.  Custom fitting can easily be done remotely but may take longer and cost a little more.  Try us for sizing that is in stock and can be turned quickly.  Fit sheets needed unless you have had a pair from us recently.

Roberts in STOCK, D’s, E’s, EE’s and some C’s and F’s.

Belts: Work Belts, Dress Belts, Skinny Belts.  In stock!


Nicks Wranglerstar Review

We were recently reviewed along with other work boots by Wranglerstar. As you view keep in mind most of our customers pay closer to $400 than what Wranglerstar discusses because most don’t need custom builds. Most fit into our stock size boots.  And yes, fitting is a bit of an art, so that is why we guarantee our fits when we do them.