Lead Times improving gradually

Nicks Boots has invested heavily to make more boots and make them better…because we are going to make our boots here in the US for a long, long time and our demand was growing faster than our ability to make boots and maintain quality.  As some of you know, our lead times got stretched out and our ability to tell you when you would get boots was challenged.  Lead times are getting better and we are advising you where your boots are within about 8 working hours.

Made To Order boots (MTO’s) get complicated so it is harder to predict a lead time, especially when you have to complete and mail us a fit sheet, and when we have to build a Try On pair to send you.  Lead Time for a Made To Order boot is about 14 – 16 weeks now if we have a Try On in stock to send you.  This time starts AFTER we receive your Fit Sheet.  We will add stock and Try On boots to our inventory to help keep our overall lead time short, but until we get stocked up over the Fall and Winter, building a Try On will put into the 20+ week area for MTO’s.

For good news, as we build our stock, you may fit into a stock boot that we could send you within four weeks or sooner.  As we do more MTO’s we have learned it impossible to predict how fast the process will be.  Hope this helps.

Feel free to call to discuss at 1-800-824-2685

Nicks Wranglerstar Review

We were recently reviewed along with other work boots by Wranglerstar. As you view keep in mind most of our customers pay closer to $400 than what Wranglerstar discusses because most don’t need custom builds. Most fit into our stock size boots.  And yes, fitting is a bit of an art, so that is why we guarantee our fits when we do them.