Let’s talk lead times — Please read below:

With our move to larger quarters and streamlining our production process we have fallen behind short term for custom builds.  For new orders for custom fits and custom leathers, we will be at 18 to 26 weeks.  If we have a Try On boot in stock it will be about 18 weeks, and if we have to build a Try On it will be about 26.  We are confident these lead times will be reduced in the coming months, as we build up our pool of Try On boots.  Also, if you send us a fit sheet, and you can fit into a stock boot, then the lead times are reduced by a lot.  In addition you do not have to pay for the whole amount up front.  You can send us the fit sheet and we can take just a deposit until the boots are done.  You will see a time line link soon on this page.  And a way to make just a deposit on line.

Existing orders are being processed and we plan to be caught up in a few months.  Thank you all.


Rebuilds and Resoles — Prices are up to $220 and $105, respectively

Nicks Wranglerstar Review

We were recently reviewed along with other work boots by Wranglerstar. As you view keep in mind most of our customers pay closer to $400 than what Wranglerstar discusses because most don’t need custom builds. Most fit into our stock size boots.  And yes, fitting is a bit of an art, so that is why we guarantee our fits when we do them.