Nicks Move and Production Gains

The week of May 9, Nicks will move to a new factory location at 6510 E Sprague, in Spokane Valley, just East of where I-90 crosses Sprague Avenue.  We don’t expect to miss more than a day of production.  Our store will open there on May 16.  This is a major investment to own our building and triple our space.  Add to that eight months of intense efforts to shorten lead times, cross-train veteran and new employees, dramatically improve workmanship quality standards, build safety into our work space, and increase capacity.   Our core bootmakers have been instrumental in helping and training.  Still Hand Made; Still Patient and Steady.  Some of you have had long waits for boots. We are sorry, as demand has been very high and our improved production methods slow to develop.  We are getting better every day, however, and lead times are getting shorter.  Call if you need to check on your boots. 1-800-824-2685

Rebuilds and Resoles — Prices are up to $220 and $105, respectively

Nicks Wranglerstar Review

We were recently reviewed along with other work boots by Wranglerstar. As you view keep in mind most of our customers pay closer to $400 than what Wranglerstar discusses because most don’t need custom builds. Most fit into our stock size boots.  And yes, fitting is a bit of an art, so that is why we guarantee our fits when we do them.