High Sierra RoughOut

High Sierra Rough Out Tan Workboot


These beauties are Made To Order so send us a fit sheet and we’ll guarantee your sizing.  They are included in the custom section, because we have to size you individually and build them for you.

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Product Description

High Sierra Work Boot

From our Contender series of McKay Stitched boots, these rugged beauties come in rough out tan with honey vibram soles.  They are 10″ high. They are for those who prefer our high arch support for comfort, and design for durability, at a more affordable cost than our welted boots, the Hot Shots(R). These boots are handbuilt with the McKay Stitch method of construction and are rebuildable.  This is a simpler method than Nicks Classic Welted boot, but produces a very sound boot that has had an excellent history.  High Sierra’s are built like Foresters and may not be available for extreme customization like our Welted Boots. However,  most people will fit into stock sizes and Nicks will make every effort to give you the best fit available. We must have your sizing sheet to build or send boots for you. See How to Measure Video and Sizing Guide.

  • 7.5 to 8 oz premium leather, the thickest consistency in the industry
  • Each boot from the same hide
  • Three stitches per inch for consistent quality
  • Legendary Arch Support for comfort in difficult terrain
  • #3 Toe and Vibram® Lug sole
  • Rebuildable and Resolable
  • Specifications
  • Handmade in the USA



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