Nicks Handmade Boots - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How do I get fit for Nicks Boots?

Nicks fit true-to-size! If boots normally fit you well, order your size in Nicks. If you need help determining your Nicks boot size, we offer a fit kit and try-on boot process. This may add time to the order process.

For information on fitting lead times, click here.

How do I have a fit kit or try-on boots sent to me?

To have a fit kit sent to you, select “Send me a Fit Kit” under the Fitting Method on any boot product page. Nicks will only send the fit kit once the order has been placed. Due to shipping rates, Try-On Boots are only available for US customers. International customers may still receive the fit kit, though no try-on boots will be sent.

How does the Try-On Process work?

To begin the process, find the boots you would like to order. Start by selecting the “Try-On Boot Process” under the Fitting Method on the boot product page. Complete the remaining options then proceed to checkout. Once your order has been placed, we will mail you the fit kit. After completing the fit kit and submitting your measurements online, a try-on pair of boots will be sent to you once available. Upon completion of the try-on boot questionnaire, call Nicks to review the fit with a fitter. Once you have finished the phone consultation, return the try-on boots to Nicks. Your final pair of boots will take a few weeks to complete once the try-on process is finished.

Note: Nicks will not start building your final boots until your try-on boots have been returned, so do not delay sending them back.

Do I need a custom fit?

Not normally. Most people will achieve the best fit in one of our many size offerings without customization. If your feet have special conditions that need accommodation, please call or email us to discuss options.

Do I need the try-on boot or just the fit kit?

You may not need either! Nicks fit true-to-size compared to other work boots. You can select the try-on boot or fit kit options if you don’t know your boot size or if you normally have trouble finding boots that fit.

What arch do I need?

While we believe everyone can benefit from arch support, the height of the arch is purely preference. Select the 55 or 67 arches for a more pronounced arch support and heel, or select the FT/HNW for a more moderate arch.

Will my size be the same if I change arches?

Nicks fit true-to-size. If you know your Nicks size, the fit will remain the same after the break-in, however, the boot may feel different with a different arch profile.

I want to make a modification but I don’t see it listed on the website. Is it possible?

For the most available customization, look under the “Made-To-Order” boots. This will allow you to customize the boots to the greatest extent. If an option is not available on these items, it likely is not available for that boot.

Can I change the heel profile on the boots I order?

Not normally. A boot’s heel height and shape coordinates with the arch profile of the boot. Therefore, most heel profiles are paired with the arch height and balance the boot.

Can I use my custom orthotics/insoles with my Nicks?

Unfortunately, we can not build our boots to accommodate your insoles or custom orthotics. Many customers prefer the built-in arch support over their inserts after the boots are broken in.

How often should I use leather conditioner products on my boots?

We recommend applying the appropriate leather conditioner about every 3-4 weeks. As a general rule, when the leather looks dry the boots are ready to be conditioned. Remember, leather is a hide so treat it like skin, applying conditioner when it appears to need it.

How much leather conditioner do I need to use?

Be sparing! Over-conditioning boots can clog the pores of the leather, not allowing the boots to breathe. Too much conditioner around the hardware can soften the leather and allow the hardware to pull loose. You may put a very light amount of conditioner on the surface of the leather around the hardware and along the edges of the leather by the sole. Too much conditioner in either of these places may damage the boots.

Do you care for roughout leather the same as the smooth leather?

Yes! Care for roughout leather as you would care for the smooth leather. If you desire to have the “nap” (fuzz, or suede) stand up, use a nylon bristle brush or lightly brush with sandpaper. Alternately, you can “wax” the nap down with Nicks LP “Grease”.

What boot care products should I use for my Work Boots?

To purchase Nicks Work Boot Care Kit click here. Nicks recommends Nicks “Grease” and Nicks Oil for all work boot applications. These products are all-natural and add water-resistance to your boots.

What boot care products should I use for my Heritage Boots?

To purchase Nicks Heritage Boot Care Kit click here. Nicks recommends Smith’s Leather Balm for Heritage Boot care. Smith’s is an all natural conditioner made in Maine and is great for restoring the natural oils and luster to your boots.
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