Classic Work Belt

One-piece, USA-tanned 10-12oz leather. With a solid brass buckle, it's a no-nonsense belt that matches your work ethic. Ships in a day or two. 

Heavy Duty Work Belt

Our signature work belt! Handcrafted from 12-14oz US-made vegetable-tanned leather, fortified with a solid brass buckle. This is durability at its finest.


Heritage Belt

Our Heritage Belts are crafted from two, 6-7oz leather straps from Horween Leather Co. Meticulously glued & stitched for toughness. Complete with solid brass hardware and a sleek burnished edge – the ultimate partner for your Nicks Handmade Boots.

American Bison Heritage Belt

The Nicks American Bison leather belt is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Handmade with care, each belt is stitched and glued for durability and longevity. Supple yet sturdy Bison leather is a perfect blend of rugged charm and refined sophistication.

Wickett & Craig Heritage Belt

Our Wickett & Craig Heritage Belts are crafted from two, 6-7oz veg tan leather straps from Wickett & Craig. Meticulously glued, stitched, and finished with solid brass hardware and a stunning burnished edge – the perfect match for your Nicks Handmade Boot

Stitched Work Belts

Single Row and Double Row Stitched Work Belts

  1. Nicks Stitched work belt in walnut. Heavy duty and built to last a lifetime Nicks Stitched Work Belt 12-14oz
    As low as $135.00
  2. Nicks double stitched work belt in medium brown Nicks Double Stitched Work Belt 12-14oz
    As low as $145.00

Gun Belts

Women's Belts

  1. Skinny Belt - 10-12oz
    As low as $65.00
  2. Nicks Women's Work Belt -12-14 oz
    As low as $95.00

Free Range Belts - Scratch and Dent Sale

Free Range Belts: crafted from the same top-tier leather as all our belts, showcasing the authentic scars, bug bites, and stretch marks of life. These marks don't affect durability, but didn't make the cut for our cosmetic standards.