Here at Nicks, we relish the natural markings, and scars present on hides of cattle whose lives were well lived. Free Range Boots are built with the same high grade leather we use in the construction of all of our boots, just with the natural scarring, bug bites, and stretch marks you can come to expect on the materials from a living organism.These natural markings do not comprimise the durability of the boots in anyway, though they were not deemed nice enough for our regular stock by our leather cutter's very high standards.

Rather than tossing the leather, and creating excess waste, we have decided to adopt a more sustainable approach, and use the leather to build boots with the otherwise same Nicks quality you've come to expect. These boots are sold at a discount for those little scars and stretch marks, though we think in some cases they are even more beautiful that way!

Free Range Boots

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