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Traveler Work Boot

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The Traveler is a light 8″ work boot, designed for any job, but great for warehouse work.  It is resoleable and rebuildable.  Built on the HNW last, it is a moderate arch with a cushioned Christy Vibram sole.  The Seidel Tobacco leather is lighter for quick break in but plenty rugged for just about any job.  We are currently building these boots to order in 4- 6 weeks, with some stock available.

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Product Description

The Traveler has been designed for a quick break in, comfort on concrete, yet rugged for most work applications.  And it is handsome and comfortable for weekend wear.  Standard sizing is 7 – 12 and 13 in D, E and EE widths.  We recommend about 1/2 size smaller than your normal athletic shoe.  Of course, a fit sheet is best.  We can guarantee our fit if you mail us a fit sheet.  We can also swap out a half size bigger or smaller for a better fit once you try them on and don’t wear them outside.  Call us in those situations. 1-800-824-2685.

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Weight 96 oz
Dimensions 14.25 x 13 x 6 in

2 reviews for Traveler Work Boot

  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought a pair of the Traveler boots about 4 months ago and have yet to wear them in a wet environment so I can’t speak to how they will hold up with moisture but I can give some observations as to the quality of construction, etc.

    I am the Imelda Marcos of boots. For many years I couldn’t find any boots wide enough that also fit, etc. Have owned a pair or two from just about anyone you can think of except for the other smoke jumper type boot makers. Have had Danners, Russell handmade, Gokey, Timberland, Redwing and all the typical best sellers from the past 40 years. I bird hunt and deer and elk hunt and just do a lot of outdoor stuff. Lately I had settled into Redwing 877s for bird hunting and LL Bean Hunting boots as a sort of all around boot with Kennetreks for hills.

    Enter Nicks. If the zombies hit I would put on my Travelers and stow a pair of Bean boots as a backup. (Totally different boots). The Traveler was an in stock 8&1/2 EE which is actually a EE as opposed to Danner which calls a C a EE. If you are familiar with Alden shoes their Barrie last is similar to this last but this is wider as it should be for a boot. I cannot offer praise enough to Nicks for the quality of this boot. Solid heel and a roomy foot but its the quality of materials and construction which makes these boots stand out. As much as I liked the Redwings on a scale of 1-10 I give the Redwings a 5 and the Nicks a 10. No comparison except as to style. Although Nicks refers to these as a light work boot (I suspect in comparison to their serious jumper work boots) they are still somewhat heavy as opposed to a polyester filled nylon boot with moulded soles. Redwings are heavy also, for comparison as to what I mean. I happen to really like the wedge sole as it offers me a lot better feel and balance so that’s something for you to consider. These soles also offer some grip but pick up hardly any mud or gumbo when I’m bird hunting out west. (Same soles as the Redwings).These boots envelope your feet and break in almost immediately. I suspect the other Nicks boots are stronger and stiffer but don’t be confused, this is as solid a boot as I have owned. The leather is thick, but supple like my Dad’s boots he let me take over when I was 10 years old. I am planning on contacting them and ordering a 6 inch in the same boot.

    P.S. Does anyone want 25 pairs of slightly worn 8&1/2 and 9 EEs?

    • :

      I’m very happy that you enjoy our boots, especially the Travelers! If you put those 25 pairs on ebay, you will probably sell them faster.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Can make as steel toe?

    • :

      Yes, but it cannot be ASTM certified, because we would have to qualify it through UL. Our 55S is ASTM certified, and our Hot Shot is also.

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