Firetroopers can be ordered in custom leather patterns

Firetrooper® NFPA Certified Wildland Fireboot

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Made-To-Order, some stock

Our moderate arch fire boot, for those who prefer a lower heel; equally reliable and durable to our high arched family. Standard in NFPA, rough out black, can be built in chocolate and walnut, smooth or rough out.  Mail us a fit sheet/order form.

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Product Description

This boot is popular with some wildland firefighters or outdoorsmen who prefer the more moderate arch and heel.  Sometimes this preference is based on wear on flat, or boggy terrain.  Handmade, these will outlast any machine made or outsourced boot. These are standard in  NFPA-certified, black leather, rough out toe and heel and smooth upper.  They can be Made-To-Order to your size and using other leathers.  However, most people fit into a standard size.  See How to Measure Video and Sizing Guide.

  • Moderate arch and heel
  • Standard in premium black 7.5 to 8oz leather, rough out heel and toe, smooth upper
  • Currently Made-To-Order until we can build up some stock, some stock available
  • Each boot made from the same hide
  • Vibram® Unit Lug sole # 3 Toe
  • Made-To-Order in all other leathers, including chocolate, walnut; 6” thru 12” See Leathers
  • We must receive your fit sheet to build this boot to your specifications
  • NFPA specs
  • Rebuildable and Resolable
  • Handmade in the USA

Additional Information

Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 14.25 x 13 x 6 in

1 review for Firetrooper® NFPA Certified Wildland Fireboot

  1. 5 out of 5


    Easily the best boots that I’ve ever owned. Period. I am presently a land surveyor with the US Forest Service, at times a wildland firefighter, and a former Marine. Needless to say I’ve put boots to the test.

    I first learned about Nick’s boots on a hand crew detail in Oregon. A former Hotshot had a pair and he absolutely loved them. Prior to coming on to the Forest Service I had never known about REAL logger boots, and decided to look a little further after seeing so many agency folks wearing them – though the high heel never appealed to me.

    That’s when I saw this boot, with a flat heel. I called to see if they’d make me a pair in dark brown, all rough-out, and they said “No problem!” I filled out the fit-sheet and sent it in.

    Now, I have always worn a 12R and they recommended I get an 11E. I was a little unsure, but I trusted their judgement. Before making my custom boots, they sent a pair of test boots. The pair they sent were black (rough out lower, smooth upper) – they looked good. I tried them on and thought they were pretty tight. I called them up and they didn’t sound a bit concerned about what I was saying about the fit. Again, I decided to trust their judgement.

    Months later, my box arrived. I couldn’t wait to start wearing them! Man, were they ever stiff. I’m talking about the most brutal break-in that you can imagine. In the first week I had some serious thoughts like “I’ve made a mistake. These are too small!” I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    After doing a little research online I saw where other folks were saying the same thing about their White’s. They said they were glad they pushed through and finished the break-in period because now they’re the most comfortable boots they’ve ever had. I’m here to say, they’re right.

    I followed the break-in procedures – carrying a little spray bottle of water/alcohol around, soaking them down frequently. I wore them to the office, and when the Rough Ridge fire broke out in my backyard I decided to put them to the test (after about a week). Too soon! I had to revert to my Lowa Baffin Pro boots for the remainder of my wildfire work in North Georgia.

    All of the places that were tight eventually broke in. I kept the laces TIGHT, and laced with the 2, 1, 3 method, as recommended. Any heel-slip and I’d stop to retighten. As a result, they wear like slippers. I’m serious. Who could imagine that boots without insoles could wear like crocs? Here’s a tip, buy good merino wool socks!

    Great traction, great fit, great looks, great boots! I just greased them up with a can of Nick’s grease and they turned a real nice dark brown color. Even better!

    This whole experience has made me think that I’ve been wearing the WRONG size boots my whole adult life. I’ve always picked boots that felt good right in the store, and as a result I’ve had boots that just kinda fit. Where have these boots been my whole life?!? Yes, it’s a big investment up front, but I’m confident these boots will be with me in a decade (unlike virtually every other pair of boots I’ve ever owned), and when they need it, I’ll send them back to be rebuilt. I work with people who have twenty year-old fire boots that they rebuild from time to time.

    Thanks, Nick’s. You’ve got a customer for life. You’ve even made me rethink my opinion about high logger heels… I might just want to try a pair of Hotshots!

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