Warranty, Returns & Repairs


Nicks will repair any boots that by inspection is a result of material or workmanship flaws within 12 months from date of purchase. We do not warrant boots damaged by fire, natural elements, chemicals or wear.  An assessment of the repair will be made by inspection and the responsible party determined.


Returned Nicks Boots will be charged a 15% re-stock free.  Special order and Made To Order boots are non-refundable.


A 100% deposit is required on all Made To Order, Design To Order and Special Build Boots.  These are non-refundable unless they are a boot that we would normally stock.

In the case of Try Ons a 100% deposit is collected for the estimated price of the desired boot. If applicable, the remaining balance is collected before the boots are built (or mailed if in stock). 

Rebuilds, Resoles and Repairs

Nicks is pleased to repair your hard-earned and hard-worn Nicks boots. We consider it an obligation as part of the long relationship we hope to have with you as a customer.

Resole and rebuilds can be purchased here.

Send to:

6510 East Sprague Avenue 

Spokane Valley, WA 99212 

On a rebuild, our experts replace everything but the part that has formed to your ankle: the upper.  It is like getting a brand new pair of boots that are already broken in to perfectly fit your foot and ankle.  Some boots are too far gone for repair and it may take us several weeks to discover this.

Additional work may be necessary resulting in additional charges.  Please Note: If we have any questions regarding your repair we will call you; we will not perform any work on them until we have heard back from you.

Guaranteed Fit, if we agree to fit you

This means, if we say we can fit you we will try really hard…to the point we either fit you on the first, second or third try or we give you your money back.  In rare cases we try but do not succeed to fit you.  This policy also means, we may not try to fit you for various medical or exceptional reasons. 

For customers who are either fit in our store or opt to submit a fitsheet, Nicks will guarantee the fit for up to 6 months after delivery.  Nicks cannot guarantee the fit of a boot after 6 months as improper leather care, improper foot care, medical conditions, and exposure to natural elements and chemicals can alter the leather in such a way that the boot will no longer fit as it did in its as new condition. 

Most people can fit into our standard last sizes, from 4 AAAA to 16 FF. 

The comfort and fit of boots including safety toes are not guaranteed. 

Nicks Handmade Boots reserves the right to deny a fit as "guaranteed". 

Fitting Hours:

Instore, a fitting is usually between 45min-1 1/2 hours. 

Mon-Fri                         Satuday

8:30am-4:30 pm          10am-2pm

Try Ons

Try Ons are a key element of our strategy to guarantee our fit.  We send you a boot to “try on”, usually based on your Fit Sheet. Then we talk you through how it fits and determine your best size.  In many cases you can keep the boot you are trying on; in other cases you send it back to us, and we build you a boot in the correct size. 

This is time consuming, but worth it to our customers.  Once we have your fit, then we don’t need another Try On or Fit Sheet session for about 10 years, when your feet typically change.

Fit Sheets or Sizing Guide

This is the core action of our remote fitting guarantee.  Once we sign on off on a size, lead times are fairly short.  You have to give us a few extra weeks to get this right.  See  Sizing Guide.

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