Introducing the new Riverfront boot, a 4" boot that's perfect for the modern minimalist. This new boot has taken inspiration from the Comstock and has been designed to have a simplified look that's perfect for everyday wear.

Unlike other boots that have a gusset, the Riverfront has a traditional tongue that extends from the vamp of the boot. This design choice not only gives the boot a classic look but also makes it more comfortable to wear. Additionally, the top of the boot has no stitching, giving it a clean and seamless appearance.

The Riverfront is also available in a couple of new sole configurations. For the classic config, there's the 2060 wedge sole. This sole has the same compound as the 2021 but has a thinner, more flexible forefoot, which creates a more defined heel. The result is a boot that's not only stylish but also provides the necessary support and comfort for all-day wear.
For all other sole choices, the Riverfront comes with a single leather heel lift as opposed to the classic 3 lift block heel stack. This design decision ensures that the boot is lightweight and comfortable while still being stylish.

The Riverfront is a perfect boot for those who want to look good while keeping things simple. Its classic look and innovative sole designs make it a must-have for anyone who wants to stay on-trend. Try on a pair of these boots today and step out in style!


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