Inspired by the iconic Munson last that was introduced during WW2 to offer a more natural foot splay for military boots.

Our new Thurman lasts combined the natural foot shape of the Munson with our classic arch height offerings. The combination of these two shapes offers the first ever natural toe splay, high arch construction on the market.

The ThurmanNW matches the arch profile and heel height offerings of our Moderate Arch HNW last while the Thurman55 makes it possible to build a boot with our iconic classic arch and taller heel profile while allowing for a bit more space in the toe box

We have worked with our last manufacturer to ensure that both of the Thurman lasts will fit the same as their PNW last equivalants outside of the extra space in the toe box created by the different shape. We would recommend ordering the same size in your other Nicks Boots, unless of course you had to go wider to give your pinky toe or big toes more space.

Thurman Lasts

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