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We receive a lot of letters and emails telling us how much you like our boots. Here you will see just some of them. We'd love to hear from you too!

February 2017

I am sending you my boots for a bit of repair. I have had thee almost 10 years now, and as they are just station boots, they don't wear out very fast, or at all really. The only thing I have had done so far is have them resoled twice, I believe, and replaced zippers a couple of times. Even though they don't get the abuse that the wildland guys put them through, 10 years in the same boot is a testament to the quality of your product, thank you for making a great boot. I would like to have them resoled, and if possible have the low heel put on them as opposed to the higher heel they now have. I would also like a new set of zippers if they are available. Other than that, if you could just give them a good once over and make sure everything else is still holding together properly, that would be great. Thanks you again and thank you for a great product.

- Kyle Johnson, Firefighter/Paramedic, Sheridan Wyoming

February 2017

In early 2016 I ordered a pair of made to order chocolate Homesteader boots. It took a long time to go through the fitting process, try on and send back the test boots, and then wait for my pair to be made. I didn't think the wait was going to be worth it considering the cost of the boots and the months of waiting, but I was WRONG.

These boots are more comfortable in my opinion (after break-in) than anything I've ever worn, not just boots. I'd rather wear these than tennis shoes. I'm a farmer and without a doubt find I'm more comfortable at the end of the day in these than if I wore tennis shoes. And these are a wee bit more protective of your feet than tennis shoes.

The workmanship and leather quality is as good or better than in the two pairs of Allen Edmonds dress shoes I have which are of a superb, American-made quality. My Nick's Boots will also last me the rest of my life since they can be re-soled and/or re-built.

Enough good cannot be said about buying quality and I am glad that I did.

- Robert N

February 2017

Just thought I'd drop another little line to tell you how much I'm enjoying the custom Roberts I got from you. I buy quite a few boots and think these are outstanding, particularly for the price. I posted a pic on my silly IG page today.

I've already got another pair in the pipeline.

- @tuddgyoung

February 2017

Dear Folks at Nicks,I recently attended the Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas for 4 days and 3 nights. I wore my Roberts in brown domane exclusively all the time I was on my trip.I never took an uncomfortable step and I got compliments from other attendees on how nice they looked. Thanks for building such a nice looking and comfortable boot.When I returned home I had another new pair of Roberts waiting for me in black bullhide,wow what a sharp looking pair of boots.I can't wait to wear them.

Best Regards,

- Jeff M

December 2016

Easily the best boots that I've ever owned. Period. I am presently a land surveyor with the US Forest Service, at times a wildland firefighter, and a former Marine. Needless to say I've put boots to the test.

I first learned about Nick's boots on a hand crew detail in Oregon. A former Hotshot had a pair and he absolutely loved them. Prior to coming on to the Forest Service I had never known about REAL logger boots, and decided to look a little further after seeing so many agency folks wearing them - though the high heel never appealed to me.

That's when I saw this boot, with a flat heel. I called to see if they'd make me a pair in dark brown, all rough-out, and they said "No problem!" I filled out the fit-sheet and sent it in.

Now, I have always worn a 12R and they recommended I get an 11E. I was a little unsure, but I trusted their judgement. Before making my custom boots, they sent a pair of test boots. The pair they sent were black (rough out lower, smooth upper) - they looked good. I tried them on and thought they were pretty tight. I called them up and they didn't sound a bit concerned about what I was saying about the fit. Again, I decided to trust their judgement.

Months later, my box arrived. I couldn't wait to start wearing them! Man, were they ever stiff. I'm talking about the most brutal break-in that you can imagine. In the first week I had some serious thoughts like "I've made a mistake. These are too small!" I couldn't have been more wrong.

After doing a little research online I saw where other folks were saying the same thing about their White's. They said they were glad they pushed through and finished the break-in period because now they're the most comfortable boots they've ever had. I'm here to say, they're right.

I followed the break-in procedures - carrying a little spray bottle of water/alcohol around, soaking them down frequently. I wore them to the office, and when the Rough Ridge fire broke out in my backyard I decided to put them to the test (after about a week). Too soon! I had to revert to my Lowa Baffin Pro boots for the remainder of my wildfire work in North Georgia.

All of the places that were tight eventually broke in. I kept the laces TIGHT, and laced with the 2, 1, 3 method, as recommended. Any heel-slip and I'd stop to retighten. As a result, they wear like slippers. I'm serious. Who could imagine that boots without insoles could wear like crocs? Here's a tip, buy good merino wool socks!

Great traction, great fit, great looks, great boots! I just greased them up with a can of Nick's grease and they turned a real nice dark brown color. Even better!

This whole experience has made me think that I've been wearing the WRONG size boots my whole adult life. I've always picked boots that felt good right in the store, and as a result I've had boots that just kinda fit. Where have these boots been my whole life?!? Yes, it's a big investment up front, but I'm confident these boots will be with me in a decade (unlike virtually every other pair of boots I've ever owned), and when they need it, I'll send them back to be rebuilt. I work with people who have twenty year-old fire boots that they rebuild from time to time.

Thanks, Nick's. You've got a customer for life. You've even made me rethink my opinion about high logger heels... I might just want to try a pair of Hotshots!

- Kurt Rardin

December 2016

I've had my nicks going on 2 years and I will not buy and different brand boot from now on thanks for making an amazing set of boots.

- Brandon W

December 2016

I've had my pair of Nicks Steel toe Contenders for about 3 months now. The quality, craftsmanship, durablility, and most important of all comfort of these boots are second to none. I'm on my feet for 10-12 hours a day and at the end of the day, the last thing on my mind is taking off my boots. My prize posessions, these boots will more than likely be passed to my Son one day. Thanks Guys, you're the greatest.

- Joseph J

December 2016

I personally want to thank each and everyone of you all for building such amazing quality beautiful boots. I bought a pair of Foresters last October of 2015 and they have been nothing but amazing. Just this week I had to take them to get resold by a local boot and tac shop where I live. These boots are the greatest, Wranglerstar got me hooked. I've watched the Nicks Factory Tour Wranglerstar made, several times now and you guys are what America is about.. hard working, blue collar and American Made! Thanks for staying in America and not selling out like Whites did.

Best Regards,

- Michael R

December 2016

Great job. Everyone they fit great.

Merry Christmas,

- Guy Montrose, Colorado

December 2016

Got my boots, highly satisfied! As soon as I get some Christmas money I'm ordering casuals. Slap the guys on the back that put their touch on them for me.

- Will

November 2016

Let's be honest: making custom fitting boots by hand for people across the state, country, or globe is no easy feat. And add in incredibly high demand (and moving the factory right after I placed my order) and you're going to get some lag times. But, I have to say I am incredibly impressed with the entire process at Nicks. Between my sizing sheet, my try on boots and phone discussion thereof, several email updates on progress, and a final last minute review and fitting instruction when my pair arrived, my experience with the Nicks team has been charming and excellent. The boots speak for themselves (and doesn't seem anyone really comments in that since they're incredible). I'm glad such craftsmanship, quality, and entrepreneurial small business spirit is still able to survive in America.

- W.S.M.

November 2016


I just wanted to drop you both a quick note to tank you once again for helping me get these boots. They arrived late on Friday and I have been slowly breaking them in over the weekend. While only a few days in I have to say I am extremely impressed. The build quality is simply exceptional compared to other boots I have bought before. There is simple no fair comparison between these and my old Wolverine 1000 mile boots.

The high arch support originally felt very high and the boots a shade tight but I have to say after only three days the fit is now very comfortable. "Snug" with no wearing or uncomfortable areas. The boots will do exactly what I wanted them to do - they re ready for serious work out on the lowland search and rescue call out whilst being smart enough that I can wear them at work with jeans or some trousers when I give them a quick clean. Awesome, awesome job guys. I can see why your customers are ranting about you.

While the price is steep - especially given I have to have them shipped here and pay 20% tax obese they enter the UK I feel it has been worth it. I hope to get a second pair in the spring to put into rotation when the pennies have been saved up. I may also look at getting some of the high arch oxfords for work. Now we have a process for ordering hopefully this will be easier and take up less of your time when I do reorder.

I hope you are both well and get some rest from the election cycle soon.

Take care,

- Mark from UK

October 2016

These days it is very rare to find a company that is more concerned with customer satisfaction then simply making a sale. Nicks boots happens to be one of those few companies that still really care about their customers. As part owner of a small landscaping business I am constantly on my feet and regularly buying new boots. I've tried everything from $70 Timberlands, to $250 Redwings and all of them have been destroyed within a year. So after doing a lot of searching and watching Wranglerstars YouTube series on Nicks Boot (check out those videos if you haven't already), I decided to give them a shot. From the day I sent in my fit sheet in, to the day I received them in the mail, 23 weeks had passed. They were in the middle of moving their factory when I sent my fit sheet in and from what I understand custom boots take some time to make, so I understand.

However, when I finally received my boots, they did not fit all that well but I decided to try to make them work. So for a little over a month I tried to break them in with no success. I gave Nicks a call and they told me to send them in. A couple weeks later a brand new pair showed up at my house! I was thrilled but again I had the same issue. So I remeasured my feet thinking maybe I had made a mistake the first time. Turns out the measurements were off and I called Nicks to ask for a second pair of false tongues to compensate for my error. No more than three days later a third pair of brand new boots showed up at my house! These new ones fit like a glove and I could not be happier!! Nicks boots customer service is truly second to none. Besides their awesome customer service these boots are built like tanks! The soles are literally screwed, stitched and glued on. Every stitch is made from heavy duty thread and is there for a reason, which is not the case with most of the boots I have owned recently. On top of that they can be resoled, repaired and rebuilt! These boots look like they are ready for years of use and I can't wait to get these broken in and out in the field! Nicks Boots you have a new customer for life and I look forward to doing business with you in the future! Special thanks to Kenton for the excellent customer service and support! And to the rest of the Nicks boots team I thank you as well, you guys are the best!

- Alex Smith

September 2016

Well today is the day I get to slide my new boots onto my feet, WOW! These Hot Shot LTT boots are the only boots I will have on my feet when in the field from this day forward. They're fantastic.

Following the instructions in the box I placed a phone call to Keith this morning forgetting the time difference. Gina was very kind and explained Keith wasn't in as of yet. Phoning later in the day and speaking with Keith for final adjustments has made the entire experience as pleasurable as a customer could want or ask for. By the way Gary, Keith is an asset which I'm sure your aware of however hearing that from a customer somehow reaffirms it. What a kind and courteous man Keith is.

Thank you sir and please thank the folks that keeps the sign on the building and the phones ringing. If customers want the absolute best bespoke boots on the market, they'll wait and they'll be very pleased they've waited. God Bless you all.

Warmest and kindest regards.

- Lou Beckwith

September 2016

I just received my boots today. It was a long, anxious, worry some, 20 week wait. I have been a Whites customer for 10+ years and had always been pleased with their product. But I wanted to stay with a US owned company so I decided I would give Nicks a shot at earning my business.

I sent in a pair of old Whites to Nicks for a rebuild and some modifications. I thought a rebuild, being less money, was a good way to test the waters and see if switching to Nicks made sense...

I couldn't be more pleased with the the product! The fit and finish of the rebuild is far superior to any rebuild I received from Whites. The stitching is perfect, the color is really nice, the boots are totally awesome! Thank you for the rebuild. Nicks has earned my business! I look forward many more purchases! Great job!

- Kelly Simkins

October 2016

Dear Nicksboots,

I've been staring at your website for months now and decided to get a pair of Roberts. As things tuned out, my work brought me to Spokane (I live in Virginia) and I was able to drop by the store today.

The service was simply outstanding. Junior worked with me, as did Gary. Both men listened to my concerns with my feet, took me seriously, measured everything and suggested the last, soles, and leather that would be best for me. I am very, very happy with the service and eagerly await my boots. Junior and Gary know their work and explained the workings of the boots clearly and masterfully.

Also, a few months ago, I had spoken to Gary on the phone (before I knew that I'd be coming to Spokane). On the phone, as in person, he was massively helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Much appreciated,

- Carey

October 2016

I noticed over the years how our footwear is being made overseas, I am a proud American willing to invest in a good tool that will help me along with others get through our days of work and play. To see this for me is heart breaking because of several well known companies have either gone out of business or switched their operations overseas witch is owned by overseas companies, White's Boots is owned by Lacrosse and they also own Danner Boots, and all of those are owned by a company in tokyo, if I'm going to purchase a tool or anything I think first of all the company has to be American owned and have good morals. The company that represents these things is Nick's Custom Boots, American owned, good morals, great service and quality. I hope companies like them stick around and prosper beyond imagination.

In July 2014, White's Boots was sold to LaCrosse Footwear of Portland, Oregon, which also owns Danner Boots. LaCrosse Footwear's chief financial officer, Kirk Layton, cited the made in America heritage of White's Boots as a motivating factor for the buyout. LaCrosse Footwear is itself owned by Tokyo-based retailer ABC-Mart.

This shames me to think that our country has lost the will to make quality footwear and be American owned. Company higher ups using the made in USA slogan should be very ashamed, I'm never buying overseas made footwear cause I wouldn't buy cheap hand tools for my dream diesel career, and you shouldn't buy cheap made foreign footwear. Do yourself a favor and invest in quality. End of my rant. Thanks hope you have a blessed day.

- JD Clay

June 2015

A little about me. I am a disabled veteran who got started in the fire business in 1998 as a wildfire dispatcher in MN. In 2010 it was determined that all dispatchers should rightfully have 90 days of fire line time during their career before going into the dispatch world. So in order to move on and up in my career, I moved my family to Texas and started in the field as a basic rookie fire fighter for the US Fish and Wildlife (at the age of 41).

Not knowing what to buy, I bought the $125 dollar level boot. It lasted 8 months before it came unstitched. So, smartly (not), I bought another pair that didn't last much longer. Like any job you take on in life, you gotta have the right tools. When I transferred from TX to Colorado this January and found out about the boot allowance we were going to receive, I knew it was time to move into your product. Like I have already stated, I feel so blessed and fortunate to be getting a pair of your boots.

Again, I can't tell you what an honor it is for me to buy a pair of your boots. From all the different fire fighters I have spoken to. I am convinced that your company makes the best fire boots on the planet.

Thank you and God bless,

- Jason F.

March 2016

I bought a pair of the Traveler boots about 4 months ago and have yet to wear them in a wet environment so I can't speak to how they will hold up with moisture but I can give some observations as to the quality of construction, etc. I am the Imelda Marcos of boots. For many years I couldn't find any boots wide enough that also fit, etc. Have owned a pair or two from just about anyone you can think of except for the other smoke jumper type boot makers. Have had Danners, Russell handmade, Gokey, Timberland, Redwing and all the typical best sellers from the past 40 years. I bird hunt and deer and elk hunt and just do a lot of outdoor stuff. Lately I had settled into Redwing 877s for bird hunting and LL Bean Hunting boots as a sort of all around boot with Kennetreks for hills. Enter Nicks. If the zombies hit I would put on my Travelers and stow a pair of Bean boots as a backup. (Totally different boots). The Traveler was an in stock 8&1/2 EE which is actually a EE as opposed to Danner which calls a C a EE. If you are familiar with Alden shoes their Barrie last is similar to this last but this is wider as it should be for a boot. I cannot offer praise enough to Nicks for the quality of this boot. Solid heel and a roomy foot but its the quality of materials and construction which makes these boots stand out. As much as I liked the Redwings on a scale of 1-10 I give the Redwings a 5 and the Nicks a 10. No comparison except as to style. Although Nicks refers to these as a light work boot (I suspect in comparison to their serious jumper work boots) they are still somewhat heavy as opposed to a polyester filled nylon boot with moulded soles. Redwings are heavy also, for comparison as to what I mean. I happen to really like the wedge sole as it offers me a lot better feel and balance so that's something for you to consider. These soles also offer some grip but pick up hardly any mud or gumbo when I'm bird hunting out west. (Same soles as the Redwings).These boots envelope your feet and break in almost immediately. I suspect the other Nicks boots are stronger and stiffer but don't be confused, this is as solid a boot as I have owned. The leather is thick, but supple like my Dad's boots he let me take over when I was 10 years old. I am planning on contacting them and ordering a 6 inch in the same boot. P.S. Does anyone want 25 pairs of slightly worn 8&1/2 and 9 EEs?

- Carlton

April 2015

I can't say enough about this company, I grew up working in the logging industry in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. I was only 16 when my boss got tired of me getting hurt while running up and down slippery slopes in my cheap work boots. I saved up and ordered a set of Cowboy Packers with vibram logging soles.

I wore those boots every single day to work or to church, you couldn't get me to take them off for four years. When i was 20 years old I took my logging career to Northern Idaho and started building log homes. My Packers were tired and very worn. The fine craftsman at Nick's got them in to have the lowers rebuilt and new soles put on, since it was right in the middle of wildfire season I was informed that it could be several weeks before they could get to my boots.

So i bought another pair of Cowboy Packers but with 12 inch uppers this time for added support. This pair I was fitted for as I had broken both feet in multiple work and play accidents. I couldn't believe how much better my back and feet felt in the custom fitted boots.

I have been alternating between these two pairs of boots ever since. I moved to Georgia two years ago and my boots were getting pretty worn again on the soles, I am always on my feet and constantly on the move.

I thought it would cost a small fortune to ship my boots back and have them rebuilt and sent back to me. But Nick's amazed me again! I had my boots back very quickly and they look brand new even though the one pair is now 16 years old. It only cost me $99 a pair and they are good as new.

I wish I could give y'all a million stars! Keep up the great work!

- Vinny H

Vinny's 16 year old boots (left) and 11 year old boots (right)

March 2015


Got my boots on Tuesday. I wanted to let you know how incredible these are. For the first time in 40 years, I don't have to use a combination of insoles, different thickness socks to kind-of get a boot to fit. Thanks so much for the best footwear I have every worn! I'll be placing another order soon because after these, I don't think I can wear anything else. You folks were awesome to work with and I appreciate it.

- John S. Shoreline, WA

February 2015

Imagine my surprise when receiving my boot laces this morning I also found two false lace tongues were included in the shipment. It is with great pleasure that I say thank you for your generosity. While I am a huge fan of your superior products, I am equally impressed with your first-rate service and business ethics. In our present world these are rare qualities; found even more seldom in tandem with each other. This is precisely why you will continue to receive my business, so again I say thank you.

Best wishes to you all.

- Tim C.

February 2015

I had y'all make me up a pair of boots about 5 years ago when I was working at the Chief Joseph Dam. The truth is when I get home at about 6:00PM, I usually take my boots off just before bedtime at 9:00PM. Who the hell wears their boots this long? GUYS THAT WEAR NICKS! Two solid things I have learned in life... take care of your teeth and your feet. You use them everyday, all day.

- Richard T, Wenatchee

February 2015

Good morning,

My name is Frank B. Shockley and I live in Lufkin, TX. As a still-active, retired Forester, I greatly appreciate good equipment, particularly for my old flat feet.

I got my pair of Nick's "Robert" 6" boots three weeks ago and I wanted to thank you for building such a great pair of boots for me. They fit great and are very comfortable and are already my go-to casual foot-wear.

It certainly is nice to still be able to buy personalized, high-quality, American-made footwear. The attention to detail that I got in the ordering, fitting, and in the construction of these boots is great. I've gotten several positive comments about my new boots and used those as a chance to brag about those three things. One of my friends was very impressed and told me that her husband has a hard time finding shoes and boots that fit is narrow feet, particular in the area of the heel. Maybe you'll hear from them.

Thanks again. I'm looking forward to many years in my Nick's.

- Frank B.

January 2015

I have had my second pair of Nick's boots for nearly 8 years now and it is time to either rebuild my current pair or purchase a new pair.

I have been absolutely impressed with your boots and have been wearing Nick's since 1997. My current pair was my first custom built pair from you and they have lasted like two pieces of iron!

- Jim K. - Engineering Tech, Construction Manager

December 2014

I have two pairs of 10" smoke jumpers. My first pair (7 years old) has been rebuilt once and resoled twice. My other pair (3 years old) resoled once. Great boots and great people to help you out in choosing the right boot for your foot. Nothing feels better to wear than a custom fit boot. Working construction I'm on concrete or dirt for 8-10 hours a day and never have a problem with wore feet. My whole family and a few friends all wear Nicks boots and I will not own anything else.

Keep up the good work.

- Josh G

December 2014

I own two pairs of Nicks boots, one lace to toe hot shot for the weekends, fishing and hunting which I have used pretty hard for the last three years and they're just now about due for a resole. They have many more years before a rebuild is needed. I own a pair of composite toe hot shots for work. I work for the railroad and it's tough on boots. When I get done working for the day I don't even feel like taking my boots off. They are holding up very well and still look new after 4 months. I have bought other boots that cost just as much and others that claim to be as good. These are the best, period.

- Robert R

December 2014

I was just cleaning my pair of Nicks boots and thought I would send a message to show my appreciation. After wearing off the shelf so called top of the line boots for years I was tired of buying a new pair every year. I finally got myself a pair of Nicks Boots. I work as a construction equipment mechanic and welder and after months of wearing them every single day from morning until night I can honestly say I will probably never put anything else other than Nicks Boots on my feet. They are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned, the quality is unreal and I look forward to putting them on every morning.

Thank you.

- Kevin K

October 2014

"Nicks Boots began in 1964 in Spokane, WA with the purpose of hand building the best work boots possible featuring the best leather and materials with the concept of creating lifetime customers. Mission accomplished! Nicks Boots has a fanatical following. Ask just about any firefighter, logger, lineman, or rancher around our parts and you'll hear them all recommend Nicks Boots."

- Nicks Boots 6" Robert Boot Review - Best Leather Blog

September 2014

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nick. I was born in the spring of 2002, so I am going on 13 years old. (That is old as crap in boot years!) My owner bought me when he was fighting fire with the U.S. Forest service and has worn me almost everyday since. We have climbed the tallest mountains east of the Mississippi, trudged through the swamps of Florida, fought forest fires all over the country, fought a structure fire in North Carolina, I have also worked Vehicle accidents in three states. I have ridden horses, operated all kinds of heavy equipment, and driven trucks from laddertrucks, engines of all sizes, water tenders, and dump trucks. My life was not all work and no play, I have fished in Lake Okeechobee, rivers and lakes all over Florida, trudged through the Everglades and have even gone camping and fly fishing all over. My owner is starting to slow down though. In the past couple of years, he has taken up gardening, it is not as fun as all of the other stuff, but I still am able to get what little tread I have left dirty. My owner is going back to school to be a priest, so I fear my fun days are over as my days now consist of sitting indoors most of the time. That is fine with me though, at my age, I need to get a little polished up and go to church as my days are few. It has been a hell of a ride, but like with all good things, it must come to an end. I need to step down and let a younger pair take over. As for me, the rocking chair and sunsets are in my future.

- Nick

March 2014

A firefighter who also represents Nicks Boots in the field posted a comparison of Nicks Boots vs. Whites. Nicks had nothing to do with his study but we want to reveal his association with Nicks. See Detailed Comparison Study here.

- Jason Ramos, PRg, Winthrop, WA

March 2014

I want to take a moment to thank you for good customer service. Having dealt with xxxx this week and being treated poorly once more makes us value your business that much more. Have a great day.

- Rachel, Georges Boot Shop, Caldwell, Idaho

June 2013

I bought my Nicks Boots in 2004 at the Colorado Wildfire Academy in Carbondale Colorado at my rookie training. They have lasted me all this time without a rebuild. It looks like they are due for a rebuild now. I bought a new pair of your competitors boots a few years ago to compare, and they are already coming apart at some of the seams and aren't nearly as comfortable as my Nicks. I love my Nicks! They have seen lots of miles and I can not wait to put more miles on them. I am currently a squad leader on Eastern Montana Helitack in Miles City.

Thanks a Lot!

- Jason Martindale, Miles City, MT

November 2012

I just purchased a pair of your handmade Nicks 25V 10" Hot Shots and WOW! Ive had Danners, Georgia, Whites and Carolina boots, and all I can say is these boots are as tough as they come. They are comfortable and don't take forever to break-in. And, the customer service at Nicks is awesome Too!

Thanks for making a bad$$$ boot!

- Justin Bevans, Spokane, WA

November 2012

Hey I just wanted to send a quick email to let you guys know that I appreciate the product and effort you guys put into the boots I purchased in 2010. I've taken them all over the country and put them through some rough conditions and any issues I've ever had with them have been fixed promptly. You've earned a lifetime of business from me.

Thanks for what you do, NICKS BOOTS ROCK!

- Andrew Blakley, Tonasket, WA

November 2012

I purchased these boots in 2010 and am very happy with them. These boots have been through three great fire seasons, a combined 3,170 hours of overtime over the past three years. Only two minor patches, not to bad. Being on the a hotshot crew int eh southwest, these boots were worn on some very rough terrain. If you take care of them, grease them, then you can expect your boots to hold up.

Again, thank you for making a excellent product.

Scott Brooks

June 2012

About the first week of June 2012, I sent my pair of Nicks Hotshot boots in for a re-build or resole and was told if it is a rebuild it would be an approximate 12 week turn-around!

Well today June 28 I just received them back and ANOTHER EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!!!!!! As good as Brand New!

I always think no matter what, a compliment should always be passed along!

THANKS and I Always enjoy doing business with you all!

Enjoy the Summer and Stay Safe!

- James K. Parker Sr., N.J. Forest Fire Service, B7D5

January 2012

I am the owner of Hells Canyon Outfitters. I cannot thank you enough for your quality product. Your boots have held up better than any other and the comfort day after day is incomparable. I hope you can rebuild these boots. They are 1 1/2 years old but Hells Canyon is very hard on footwear - or anything else you use in there for that matter. I hate to part with them for any amount of time but they need some TLC. If you can not repair them I will buy a new pair and I always promote your product to my clients.

Thank you again for an American Made high quality product made in the Pacific Northwest!


- Russell Gilmore, Hell Canyon Outfitters, Orofino, ID

November 2011

Dear Nicks,

These boots have been great over the last year. They have helped me build over 15 miles of fence in Southern Idaho's most rugged terrain. I purchased these boots in November of 2010 and was going to try to get through hunting season but the stitching started to come apart. Please repair and resole.

Thanks for building a Great Product.

- Scott Hellwege

March 2011

Six months or so ago I purchased a pair of Nicks Hotshots, Lace to Toe model 25LTT, my first custom pair. Prior to my purchase I spoke with a number of people (all wildland firefighters) about custom boots, their costs, their comfort and years of service. Everyone I spoke to assured me that if I ever purchased a custom pair, I would never want to go back to the store bought ones. Each discussed the positives of custom boots and ease in having them resoled and rebuilt. Although there were many different brands that folks wore, each were convinced that custom was the way to go. So I began to research which pair I would want and from where. Again I went back to some of the same people that I had talked with and discussed brands and types. Having had a store bought pair of lace to toe, I was sure this was the style for me. I got on the internet and looked at boot sites, at their boot styles and read about their service and prices. Each time however I always went back to the Nicks site. Why? Because I was very impressed with the emphasis Nick's took on boot care and comfort. There was so much information on taking care of the boots (leather) to make them last for years and ways to keep them comfortable for the wearer. From the break in period to a different style of lacing the boots for more ankle strength. All for the sake of the customer. It seemed that you were not just trying to sell boots, you were making sure that the customer got their moneys worth through good quality care ideas and products. This was the deciding factor for my purchase.

I have been so happy with my first pair that I ordered a second pair for daily switch out adding longer life to the boots. The care products that you recommend truly keep the boots in great working shape. The more I wear my current pair, the more comfortable they are. The arch, something new to me took about a week to really get used to, and now very seldom do I have a back ache at the end of the day.

Thanks for a great boot, it has been well worth it.


- Julian Priest

February 2011

I have been wearing Nicks boots for at least 10 years now.

I had previously worn all of the, big name, NW breeds of boots from Portland, Scappoose, and Spokane when I stumbled on Nicks by accident. I could not go back now!

From California to Washington, Texas to Montana my Nicks boots have been faithful companions.

They will grow on you like a good horse or a faithful hound.

- Rip Logan

December 2010

To: Gary Scott and All Nick's Employees

Thank you gentlemen for a pair of the "Finest Handmade Boots possible... Your Rough-Out Hot Shots, this is my third pair. I've had a pair of Whites smoke jumpers, but between you, me and the lamppost, Whites Don't even come close. You guys have nailed it! When you have these pair of boots in your hand a look at the Craftsmanship that went in every stitch, and you smell that new leather, it's exotic, or just cool! I Slipped my left Foot in, laced 'em up and it felt broke-in, not tight, and I said "Oh Daddy" these are the Kind...

I don't know how quite to describe it, but when I look at those boots, its like looking at a bitchin' "Vette" or a nice looking handgun. You just know they can't get any better...

You gentlemen should be proud, I know i am when I'm wearin' em...

My Hats off to you.

- Dwight Riggs, Ojai, CA

December 2010

I gave away or sold every other pair of boots I owned. Nick's Custom Boots made it possible for me to leave the care of the podiatrist. They are less expensive than the combined costs of prescription orthotics plus a lesser boot. I have put five years of nearly daily wear into two pairs of Nick's. Previous boots lasted about 6 months or didn't have the support that I need. One pair of my Nick's is ready for a resole. I expect to get 20 plus years from these boots with overhauls and resoles, probably more considering the fact that I know I'll buy another pair. I wear the Hotshot LTT and the Ranger.

Long Live the Bootmakers!

- Wade Patton, Rural Tennessee

March 2010

Dear Frank, I wore my new pair of boots all day every day from the very 1st day that I got them. I could not have even considered that with my Whites boots.

My Nicks Boots make my feet feel the best they have in years.

Please ask your owner to keep the custom fit option available FOR EVER!! My pair of Nicks felt better out of the box than the Whites felt after months of wear them in.

Thanks for doing a great job.

- Hap M. Butler

March 2010

I have been able to get four resoles out of these boots. I am a walking salesman for Nick's Boots.

- Rob Bennett, Clarkston, WA

March 2010

The boots arrived Monday. They are really nice. Serious cool! ...I would recommend your workmanship to anyone. Finishing is important for both physical appearance and durability. Proper finishing takes time, skill, and patience.

- Pat Reynolds

March 2010

You will find in this box, my absolute favorite footwear. I'm afraid I've treated them badly but they are worn nearly every day. I will miss them while they are in your care. Please refresh and revive them.

- Scott Mulvihill, Skagway Alaska

March 2010

Hi there, I just wanted to let you guys know that I got back from a trip to Mt. Everest. I hiked from a small Tibetan town 65 Kilometers to the base camp in four days. During the last day of the trek I covered 20 kilometers. It started out at 16 thousand feet, dropped down to 14 thousand and reached 17 thousand at the end. i had to cross icy slush filled rivers, shimmy up shale, and grind away on long slopes. There was only one boot I would have taken to ensure the comfort and safety of my feet, you guessed it, Nicks Hotshot. I have used the Hotshot for quite a few years while working for an IHC in southern California and I don't trust any other brand. I just wanted to say thanks for making the best boot out there, and keep up the good work.


- K. Simpson, Berkley, CA

March 2010

I have been using a pair of your boots in Iraq for over a year in some very nasty conditions and they have survived the abuse well. Looks as though I will get at least another years use out of them, if not more. Thank you for producing a very good product.

- J. Detwiler, Columbia Falls, MT

March 2010

I own the Nicks 25V 10" Hotshot boots.I work for the U.S. Forest Service and use these boots pretty hard at times. They are the best fitting, most comfortable boots I have ever owned, and I've owned a bunch.

- D. Cottle, Yampa, CO

March 2010

Dear Mister Boot Maker, I may look in tough shape now, but I know that under your expert hands and craftsmanship that I shall live again. I have performed without flaw for nearly FIVE YEARS now and look forward to many more.

When I am better... Please send me back to:

- S. Collins in Wendell, Idaho, With High Regard, The BOOT

March 2010

I am a Task Force Leader for the State of Arizona's Dept. of Forestry and a Loyal customer of Nicks Boots for over 10 years now. My most recent pair was purchased on a fire in 2000. These are the finest and most comfortable boots I've ever owned. In the past five years these boots have been on more fire incidents than I can remember and have walked what has felt like hundreds of miles. Thank you all, for all the hard work and craftsmanship that helps folks like me get our job done.

- J. Walter, Surprise, AZ

March 2010

Thank you! I received my custom boots, of which I have worn every day since they arrived. The boots have been on a cattle roundup and helped process two fields of hay so far. I am very pleased at the quality, craftsmanship, and eye appeal of these boots.

Thank you again.

- Devin Rood, Coos Bay, Oregon

March 2010

Hey, my name is Tim Keener, I'm a Forest Ranger / Firefighter for the Florida Division of Forestry. I've walked through nasty swamps waist deep, cruised and marked timber, walked on hot rocks and ash, and have climbed mountains fighting fire on western fire assignments. I have punished your boots for seven years and they're still going strong. I wear them every day at work and just kicking around in the woods. There is no way any other boot could hold up to the punishment I've put them through. Thumbs up to you guys. You are the best boot makers in the world, but I believe it is time for a rebuild. Please let me know what I need to do to get them rebuilt.

Thank you,

- Tim Keener

March 2010

I just received my boots back from you and wanted to say thanks for the fast service. The fit in the left boot that you worked on is great! Overall, I'm very impressed with your workmanship. I've had Wescos, White's and many Danners and would rate my Hot Shots as the best of the bunch. Definitely a quality boot that I would buy again and recommend to anyone in the market for a heavy duty boot.

Thanks Again,

- Reid Larson

March 2010

This email is a follow-up from our conversation this afternoon regarding the quality of your product. I was sized via mail approximately four years ago and purchased a pair of the Ranger style boots with a twelve inch top. I broke the boots in and kept them greased with your products, wearing them only seven to eight times per month. The break-in process was slightly difficult and I somewhat gave up on the comfort level too early.

For the past seven months, I have been suffering with foot pain, finally diagnosed as Plantar Fasciitis. During this time, I have tried numerous orthotic inserts, night splints, stretching techniques, icing, and even considered surgery. Remembering how my Ranger boots felt somewhat like standing on the rung of a ladder barefoot during the break-in process, I decided to try them once again to see if this arch design could provide relief. I simply was not willing to try surgery.

For the past month, I have been wearing my Ranger boots almost exclusively (work and home) and I would like to tell you they have significantly relieved the foot pain I was experiencing. I also realized that I had not been patient enough with the break in process almost four years ago. The boot has really "formed" to my foot and the "rung ladder" feeling is completely gone. I use the "2-1-3" lacing method to deal with the in-step "bite." In fact, while wearing the boots, I have zero problems with the Plantar Fasciitis condition. Additionally, combined with stretching, I can manage the pain in the mornings when getting out of bed. Prior to wearing the boots, it was difficult to walk across the room first thing in the morning. Now, the pain is there, but it is almost a non event. Once again, I have only been doing this for one month and it gets better every day. I anticipate that with more time, the problem will continue to get better - as long as I keep wearing your boots which apparently do not aggravate the condition.

Due to my success with the Rangers, I have ordered a pair of Forester boots with ten inch tops to wear at work. I would also like to buy another pair of Rangers in black leather with eight inch tops for daily wear when my budget allows. I am a law enforcement officer assigned to the largest airborne law enforcement aviation unit within the State of Texas and historically wore Danner Acadia boots. These boots performed well, but presented a fire hazard within the helicopter cockpit due to the synthetic materials used during the construction. The Danners also did not provide relief with the Plantar Fasciitis, even when worn with expensive orthotic inserts. The missions of our unit involve criminal law enforcement, search and rescue, and assisting with the management of wildfires and there is simply no comparison between ANY machine produced boot when compared to a handmade boot from Nick's.

I would just like to say thank you once again for building such a solid product, especially to the craftsmen who are actually doing the hard work that must be involved with building a boot such as this from scratch, and encourage other customers to consider the boots and be patient with the break in process.

Once broken in, Nick's Boots will be the best pair of boots you ever buy!

Thanks again and I can't wait to get my Foresters!

- Clay Lacey, Rockwall, TX

March 2010

I had to write and tell you a story about the safety, quality and value Nick's Boots provide. I currently own three pairs of Nick's Boots. Two for wildland fire fighting, and one pair for working around the house. We heat our home with wood so I split 3 or 4 cords a year and I keep my tools extremely sharp which can be good and bad. While splitting I took a good swing at a piece sitting on a chopping block. It split way too easily and the 3 1/2# head of the axe went clean through the piece, didn't even touch the chopping block and went directly for my right foot. The axe head hit the top of my Nick's Packers with full force and sliced the leather on the top of my boot. I looked at my boots and was shocked that my foot was still in one piece and the only thing that happened was a slice cleanly into the toe of my Nick's. Amazingly the axe just barely sliced through the leather and the axe didn't make it the skin. My toes were bruised but other than that fine. If I were in ANY other pair of boots I can only imagine the damage that would have occurred to my foot and toes. The quality of the leather and workmanship of your boots saved my foot from certain extensive damage. Without a doubt my Nick's Boots are by far the best long-term value in a boot available today!

- Jim Wheeler, Tonasket, WA

March 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank you for accommodating the three members of our crew who had a problem with the Vibram soles on your boots. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. We had a very busy season and it was made more enjoyable by having boots that actually survived the rigors of the season. The following is a brief synopsis of the areas, terrain and duration we spent using these boots while employed in firefighting:

  • Wyoming: steep, relatively soft soils, timber, two weeks.
  • Idaho: extremely steep, relatively rocky soils, timber, two weeks.
  • Wyoming: moderately steep, soft soils, grass/timber, one week.
  • Montana: moderately steep soft soils, grass/timber, one week.
  • Idaho: steep relatively rocky soils, timber, two weeks.

The boots that you sent us held up fine for the conditions that we experienced. My only concern is that they missed the extremely rocky terrain of the desert southwest and Great Basin areas where the soles would truly be tested. One very good word concerning your boots; they were extremely easy to break in and comfortable as HELL!!! I personally look forward to wearing Nicks Boots in the future and recommending your company to anyone interested in fire boots.

Thanks again.


- Steven J. Eakin, Craig IHC

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