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What are Nicks Contenders (McKay Construction)?

Nicks Contender line of boots use McKay lockstitch construction, and are triple stitched. First, it is stitched through the leather liner, the ten iron insole, and the twelve iron middlesole with one row of McKay Lockstitching. Then the vamp (the toe piece) is turned out and double stitched (two rows) to the middle sole and the outsole. Custom patterns and fitting are not available in this type of construction. Because of a few less manufacturing steps, these boots cost a little less than the Welted styles.  Nicks makes every effort to ensure that you have the best fit available. The “Contender” (this is what we call our McKay Stitched line of boots) is only available in stock sizes. If you have special or unusual fitting requirements, we suggest you consider a welted boot.