As it happens, there's little difference between a pair of well-made work boots and a pair of motorcycle boots. If any.

Some manufacturers in the motorcycle market have convinced people that a pair of motorcycle boots have to have certain features and some are kind of silly.

Think about it this way: what makes a good motorcycle boot a good motorcycle boot?

The answer? Well…

Things That Make Work Boots Good Are The Same As What Makes Motorcycle Boots Good

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So if you think about what a person needs in a pair of leather motorcycle boots, it's actually the same things that a person needs in a good pair of leather work boots.

You need a footbed and heel structure that protects the foot against shock and vibration.

The material has to be thick enough to protect the foot.

It has to have solid construction, so that way it actually lasts.

The sole has to resist heat and has to have good traction.

The boot has to fit your feet, and has to be comfortable enough to wear for long periods.

Those are the things that a motorcycle boot has to do, and if it doesn't do them...why bother getting them?

Think about that list of essential tasks.

How is that any different than a pair of work boots? It's not; it's just that you're wearing them to ride a motorcycle instead of logging, construction, electrical work or other trades that require serious practical footwear.

So in reality, any boot that's made for serious work is good to go for riding a motorcycle.

Things That Motorcycle Boots Don't Really Need

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So what are things that motorcycle boots DON'T need but often enough have? Are there any features that are common to "motorcycle" boots that aren't necessarily offered on typical work boots?

Some have some odd toe cap designs that don't really do anything to protect the toe or - for that matter - let your foot flex and bend the way it needs to. A safety toe does the first and the last (the mold the boot is made around) does the second.

A toe box that's wide enough to let the toes and ball of the foot to flex and move is wide enough to let the toes and the ball of the foot flex and move. A boot is either sized so yours can or it's not, and that's down to the last that the bootmaker uses.

A lot of motorcycle boots have side zippers, which are supposed to let you take them on and off quicker. They also fit the biker aesthetic, especially with the classic motorcycle jacket.

Pardon us for thinking so...but if you're in a hurry to take your boots off, then you probably aren't wearing very comfortable boots. Besides...speed hooks make taking your boots off about as quick as side zips do. They aren't always as convenient as people think!

A lot of motorcycle boots also add decorative steel plates that don't really do anything but look like...well, what they look like.

Outside of specialized motorcycle boots for riding specific types of bikes - such as off-road or sport bikes - there's no serious difference between a very good pair of motorcycle boots and a very good pair of work boots.

They're made the same way, with the same materials, and both need to do the same things.

Invest In Quality Work Boots, Invest In Quality Motorcycle Boots

If you're going to get a pair of boots, whether they're work boots or motorcycle boots, you want to invest in quality. A well-made pair of boots will be comfortable, so you can wear them for extended periods.

Quality leather will also look good, and develop a gorgeous patina with age. Even roughout leather takes a dull shine with plenty of wear and develops character.

Proper design will ensure your boots are more comfortable to wear on long rides and if you don't take them off after your ride is over. Solid construction will make the boots tough, so they last through years of wear and use.

Invest in your own comfort and safety, and you'll get more than your money's worth from a pair of motorcycle boots.