Nicks Boots – How To Measure

Please see how to measure your feet precisely so that we can get you a great fit on your Nicks Boots, even remotely:

4 thoughts on “Nicks Boots – How To Measure

  1. Good day I am looking for a steel toe and steel shank custom made work boot. I am a welder and I love in Canada. I have been wanting Nicks boots for sometime and now is the time. I just wanna make sure that they fit like a leather glove. Thanks Gary

    1. Hello Gary! First thing you would want to do is to send us a fit sheet with all your tracings and measurements. Once we receive that, our fitters will evaluate it and give you a call with options. Hope this helps

  2. I was curious if it would be possible to order the hot shot lace to toe boots with a steel toe?

    Thank you, Spencer

    1. Hello Spencer,
      Yes we can build a steel toe into the Hot Shot Lace to Toe boot!

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