Nicks Handmade Boots began in 1964 in Spokane, Washington, with the purpose of building the best work boots possible, from the best leather and materials, and with the idea of earning customers for life. Today no company makes a better work boot than Nicks and we are proud that all of our products are still made in the USA.

The craftsmanship we use today is 500-year-old European technology– we don’t use welting machines. At Nicks a welt is sewn by hand to the vamp (toe) leather through a grooved channel on the bottom side of the inner sole – using an awl and special waxed thread. For more: FAQ: What are welted boots? Nicks Welted construction allows the leather to contour around the foot with a snug fit, and is best for custom fitting or unusual requirements. Welted boots include our Hot Shot® fire boot, Homesteader, Lineman, Packers and Exotics. In the last 50 years we have learned that our work boots with our Legendary Four-Layer Arch Support have become as important to our customers as any tool they own to get through a long day on the their feet. Wildland firefighters working in rough terrain have become our largest group of customers.

We also build with McKay Construction for those of you more likely to fit into a stock boot size. This is a great boot with four layers of lock stitching. These include: Foresters™, Ridgelines™, Firetroopers(R), Steel Toe, Rangers and Caulked Boots, as well as our casual boots and shoes.

Many customers require a pair of different sized boots for each foot, or a modification of a last. However, most can fit into a standard, stock size. Whatever the outcome, we will need to measure your foot. Due to the high arch our boots are often sized differently than what you are used to. We realize this takes more work to get the correct fit and have developed tools and expertise to fit you remotely.

You will see more casual boots and shoes being offered on our website.  A new family of casual boots meets the need of our customers who desire the arch support for their weekend shoes. We also have some low arch versions being launched.  Look for the Robert, Charley, Hawk Americana, Falcon, Traveler, Renegade, Oxfords and more.

As thousands of customers (may of them wildland firefighters) can attest, once you have broken in a pair of Nicks Handmade Boots, you’ll never go back to the machine-made or mass-produced boots. Click here to see our Testimonials.

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