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Custom Work Boots - Handmade Leather Work Boots

Made to order boots are better for your feet than off-the-rack boots. Nick's Handmade Boots has been specializing in made-to-order boots for years, which has kept our customers coming back after they get their first pair. There is no other way to get as comfortable a fit as with a custom boot.

The benefits of custom boots goes beyond mere fitment. Remember, a pair of work boots have to support your feet and help you do your work. Heavy work requires heavy-duty support, and the best way to guarantee that your foot is supported to the fullest degree it needs to be?

With made to order work boots.

Nick's Handmade boots make sure to take accurate measurements of your feet. We will send you a fitted sheet to complete on your own, or you can come to our Spokane Valley, Wa location if you're in the area.

We are the best Spokane custom boots makers, with a heritage of repeat customers that stay satisfied with our products for decades.

If its a firefighter boot, logger boot, or made to order work boot for general purposes that you need, Nick's Handmade Boots guarantees that we can provide you with the custom footwear you need to succeed.

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