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Casual Light Duty Boots By Nicks

Don't necessarily need working footwear, but still, want casual boots of the highest order?

That is exactly what Nicks Boots has in store for you with our line of casual boots. These boots are perfect for casual wear, whether you want them as fashion boots or for when the inclement weather calls for a hardier, sturdier breed of footwear. Nicks' casual boots for men and women are available in several designs, perfect for whatever you might want them for.

Our casual boots are rebuildable, so you can keep them in working order for years or decades to come. We offer both traditional boots in 6-inch and 8-inch heights, with a variety of style soles. We also have The Renegade, a classic engineer boot, available as well.

Nicks' casual boots are handmade and can be customized to size. Every boot is lasted by hand. You have your choice of sole, should you prefer a lug sole for the utmost in traction or a smooth western sole.

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