To insure longer life and the top quality workmanship of Nicks Handmade Boots, we suggest that the boots be returned to us for resole and rebuild.

When Nicks rebuild your boots very little of the original boot remains. Our experts replace everything but the part that has formed to your ankle…..the upper. It is like getting a brand new pair of boots that are already broken in to perfectly fit your foot and ankle.

When Nicks gets your boots in for repair, each boot is inspected determine what is needed before it is processed for repair. If it is a general straight forward repair we will proceed with the repair. Standard rebuild prices are estimates only.

Additional work may be necessary resulting in additional charges.

Please Note: If we have any questions regarding your repair we will call you; we will not perform any work on them until we have heard back from you.

Each rebuild will include a new set of laces and a new set of false tongues (unless the boot does not call for them).


1) Clean your boots!

2) Place order above. 

3) Ship boots to:

       Nicks Handmade Boots

       6510 E. Sprague Ave. 

       Spokane Valley, Wa 99212

3) In the box please include 1 of these:

          A) A copy of the order confirmation that includes your contact info, and order number. 


          B) A note with your name/order number. 

SHIPPING DISCLAIMER: Purchaser is responsible for all shipping charges. The shipping charges at check out are applicable to return shipping only. Please select any mail service to send the boots to Nicks. 

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