Obenauf's CLEANIT

Obenauf's CLEANIT
From Obenauf's: Saponified plant oils and extracts float dirt into solution so it can be rinsed away. CLEANIT releases dirt from leather and other smooth surfaces without scrubbing. Safe to use on: • Boots • Furniture • Saddles & Tack • Car & Boat seats • Motorcycle’s & Accessories How to apply: SHAKE WELL. Spray on. Agitate with cloth or soft bristled brush. Rinse or wipe clean. Heavily soiled areas may require soaking one minute before rinsing or repeating application. Allow to dry. Test in an inconspicuous place if color fade is a concern. After cleaning leather, restore natural oils with Obenauf’s Leather Oil or Heavy Duty LP.
Obenauf's CLEANIT is a "non-aggressive, all-natural, all-purpose cleaner."
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