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  1. Are Moc Toes Good For Work?

    Nicks moc toe boots being used while cutting wood

    A moc toe boot is an excellent work boot if it's a quality work boot. A poor quality boot is not a good work boot, whether it has a moc toe or not. 

    The question really is whether the moc toe boot you're looking at is a good work boot or not. And it might be! Or it might not be, depending on who makes it. 

    And some moc toe boots make incredible work boots; in fact, some of the most popular work boots nationwide have moc toes. It's not really the toe design that makes them so good, though. Let's talk about why moccasin toes are so associated with work boots and why so many people love them.

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  2. How to Sew America's Toughest Work Boot.

    Nicks handmade boots being sewn

    Sewing America’s toughest work boots isn’t easy. In this blog we’ll walk through how Nicks Boots are sewn.

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  3. Father's Day Buying Guide

    Nicks Hot Shots large and small

    Father’s Day is less than two weeks away! If you haven’t already found a gift for Father’s Day, now is the time to start looking. Luckily for you, we are dishing up some of the best gifts for dads that will be available in time to wrap up and give them on Sunday June 19th!

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  4. Why Are My Work Boots Killing My Feet?

    My Work Boots Are Killing My Feet...Here's Why That's Happening

    You've probably worn a pair of boots for work or for other purposes and after a few hours you're thinking "my work boots are killing my feet." Let's talk about why that happens. 

    Foot pain can manifest for a number of reasons, and a good number of them need to be addressed by an actual doctor. If you're having chronic footpain, new boots alone aren't the cure; you should see a podiatrist. This isn't medical advice and we aren't doctors. 

    However, the usual suspects, so to speak, are fairly well-known when it comes to why your feet hurt when you wear work boots, outdoor boots or what have you. Here's what they are. 

    Your Work Boots Don't Have

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  5. Do You Really Need Steel Toe Boots?

    Do You Really Need Steel Toe Boots? Think Carefully Before Buying…

    Steel toe boots are among the most commonly returned boots to companies, and sold second-hand before they're fully broken in. If there's a feature to any work boot that you need to think really hard about before committing to, it's steel toe inserts.

    It's not that you can't get a pair of steel toe boots that are really comfortable. You can. It's not that you can't get a pair that won't last as long as typical leather boots. They do. 

    It's that most people find they aren't as comfortable as they like. When it dawns on them that they don't absolutely need them for work, they return or sell them to fund a new pair that doesn't have them.

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  6. How boots are shaped to your feet.

    11067 Nicks Boots last

    Have you ever wondered how boots go from a few pieces of leather sewn together, to a pair of boots that comfortably fit your feet?

    That process is called lasting.

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  7. Are Moc Toe Boots More Comfortable?

    Moc toe manito boots in predator orange

    Moc toe boots can be more comfortable...if they're made well! What makes a boot comfortable tends to be how it's built and how well they fit your feet, rather than the design of the boot itself. 

    There are a lot of different companies making work boots but just because a pair is made with a particular design - logger, packer, what have you - doesn't mean the style of the boot makes them more comfortable. 

    Moc toe boots have a reputation for being very comfortable, but it has more to do with how the popular brands of moc toe boots are made (materials, construction) rather than just the toe design itself. Let's get into why.

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  8. What Is The Purpose Of Lace To Toe Boots?

    Hot Shot Lace to Toe Nicks Boots

    The purpose of lace-to-toe boots is to add a little more rigidity to the toe box. It keeps the toes from flexing further than they should, but also spreads lace tension over a larger area. That lets you lace your boots to support your feet, but without having to make the ankle or other parts of the boot too tight. 

    Lace to toe boot are a classic work boot (and heritage boot) style that has been around for a long time, which is why a lot of boot brands offer lace-to-toe as an option or make certain boots with that lacing pattern as a matter of course. 

    Should you get lace to toe boots?

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  9. Why Do People Wear Logger Boots When They Obviously Aren't Loggers?

    Nicks Builderpro Logger Boots in Black

    The term "logger boots" is really a style of work boot rather than a specific piece of equipment for people who do a specific job for the most part. The "logger" style has come to mean a leather boot with specific design features instead of a specialized design that they once were.

    Today, a "logger boot" really has come to mean a work boots with a taller, non-western heel profile and sometimes a kiltie on the tongue. When people say "logger boots" or search for them online, that's usually what they mean. 

    Sometimes...they don't. We're going to talk about that, don't worry. 

    But why do people like this style of boot? Let's talk about that.

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  10. What Are Tanker Boots?

    Tankerpro Black Nicks Boots

    Tanker boots are a military boot style that was designed for and worn by tank crews. They've caught on for civilians as work boots and casual boots, because of some qualities of the design. 

    Tanker boots are halfway between pull-on boots and laced boots, in that they have more support than pull-on boots but don't have laces. Equal parts form and function! 

    Tanker boots are still in military service, as the purpose for the boot design still exists. Beyond use inside a tank, tankers are a great boot design for someone who wants a tough boot that goes on and comes off more easily than a typical work boot.

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Copyright © 2022 Nicks Boots. All rights reserved.