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  1. Nicks Boots Reviews & External Content Index

    Collection of Nicks Boots Reviews & Resources

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in Nicks Boots.  This is an attempt to consolidate Nicks Boots reviews and external content, organize it, and make it easily accessible.

    This list is not necessarily comprehensive.


    Some links to external sources of photos, videos, reviews are below.  We regularly monitor these sites.


    Nicks Boots Official Subreddit  - A great community with product pictures and Q&A.

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  2. Nicks History "From Start to Finish"

    Nicks Handmade Boots has been in business since 1964. We have a storied history in Spokane, Washington, with the start of the company beginning with Nikolai Blahuczyn, or “the Original Nick”, as he is often referred to in the Pacific Northwest boot world.

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  3. What is Polarthin-XP?

    What is Polarthin-XP?

    Polarthin-XP is a cutting edge aerogel fabric with up to 4 times the thermal insulation performance vs. traditional synthetic insulation materials.


    Polarthin has been specifically engineered for use in performance clothing and cryogenic applications. This feat of scientific innovation does not require loft to insulate & maintains thermal insulation even when compressed to thinner than 1mm thick!


    Aerogel is a super insulator originally designed for the NASA Space Program. It is utilized in insulating satellites in temperatures as low as -450ºF!

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