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  1. What Is Oiled Leather?

    You'll see a lot of leather products and especially leather boots advertised as "oiled leather." It's a very common term, but because it's so generic you might not understand what a fuller meaning of the term actually is. 

    It's very common material for leather work boots and heritage boot styles, so you might wonder if it's a good material or not. 

    "Oiled leather" is something of a catch-all term, but it does have a general meaning that's important when it comes to the actual product it describes.

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  2. What You Need To Know About Footbeds In Boots

    One of the most significant parts of a pair of boots is one of the things you just don't see...namely, the footbed. Arguably, it's the most important aspect of construction, but it's the part that gets overlooked too easily. 

    Often enough, it's the footbed that sets the stage for the longevity and comfort of a pair of work boots and indeed, even casual boots. The support you feel under your feet has far more to do with what's under your foot than the leather that goes over it. 

    And it is also the footbed where most boot brands fall terribly short. If there is an area where a bootmaker should not compromise, the footbed is it...and that's where most of them do. So let's talk about why it's important and what goes into a good one. 

    What Is The Footbed? 

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