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  1. Are Moc Toes Good For Work?

    A moc toe boot is an excellent work boot if it's a quality work boot. A poor quality boot is not a good work boot, whether it has a moc toe or not. 

    The question really is whether the moc toe boot you're looking at is a good work boot or not. And it might be! Or it might not be, depending on who makes it. 

    And some moc toe boots make incredible work boots; in fact, some of the most popular work boots nationwide have moc toes. It's not really the toe design that makes them so good, though. Let's talk about why moccasin toes are so associated with work boots and why so many people love them.

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  2. How to Sew America's Toughest Work Boot.

    Sewing America’s toughest work boots isn’t easy. In this blog we’ll walk through how Nicks Boots are sewn.

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  3. Father's Day Buying Guide

    Father’s Day is less than two weeks away! If you haven’t already found a gift for Father’s Day, now is the time to start looking. Luckily for you, we are dishing up some of the best gifts for dads that will be available in time to wrap up and give them on Sunday June 19th!

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  4. Why Are My Work Boots Killing My Feet?

    My Work Boots Are Killing My Feet...Here's Why That's Happening

    You've probably worn a pair of boots for work or for other purposes and after a few hours you're thinking "my work boots are killing my feet." Let's talk about why that happens. 

    Foot pain can manifest for a number of reasons, and a good number of them need to be addressed by an actual doctor. If you're having chronic footpain, new boots alone aren't the cure; you should see a podiatrist. This isn't medical advice and we aren't doctors. 

    However, the usual suspects, so to speak, are fairly well-known when it comes to why your feet hurt when you wear work boots, outdoor boots or what have you. Here's what they are. 

    Your Work Boots Don't Have

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